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What is the difference between Santa Claus and Santa Claus?

Santa Claus and Santa Claus is a totally different characters. Although in General these Christmas grandfathers similar, their differences are still evident at first glance from the costume details and to behavior in General.

1. Headdress - the first and main characteristic that distinguishes grandparents.

Our Russian Santa Claus wears warm boyar hat with fur. The shape of this cap is semi-oval, traditional for the Russian tsars. Because in the cold Russian winter without warm hats on the street not to leave - immediately freeze.

Santa Claus wears a red peaked cap with white pompom on the end.

2. The color scheme of service.

Santa Claus always dressed in a red suit with white trim.

Our Santa Claus dressed much richer. The background color of his clothes can be almost anything, except black - if only he was associated with winter and frost. Clothes of Santa Claus decorated with rich pattern, often embroidered with gold and silver, repeating the intricate pattern of frost patterns on the Windows, with eight-pointed stars and snowflakes.

3. Outerwear.

Santa Claus is dressed warmly in a thick fur coat to the ankles, with a belt or sash in the color of the fur trim. No self-respecting frost will not wear a coat above the knee! Coat always has a margin of white fur, and ideally swans down!

Outerwear Santa - short jacket, podpasywac he is a black belt with buckle.

4. Under a fur coat Santa Claus white linen shirt and trousers, decorated with white geometric pattern (symbol of purity).

Santa Claus wears the pants in the color of the jacket.

5. On his feet Santa Claus traditional Russian winter footwear boots (classic white).

Santa Claus wears black boots.

6. On his hands.

Santa Claus at the hands of three-fingered gloves or warm mittens - white, embroidered with silver is a symbol of purity and sanctity of all that he gives of his hands. Trehalose - a symbol of belonging to the highest divine source. Even if there is a need to take off the mittens, Santa Claus, in the Russian tradition, will tuck them in for the belt.

Santa Claus is wearing light gloves.

7. Beard

Santa Claus beard white and fluffy as snow, long belt (classic - and does to toe).

In Santa Claus beard short, shovel, decorative curls, like sheep, raising doubts about its genuineness.

8. The attributes.

The main attribute of Santa Claus - rod, crystal or silver, with twisted handle. Staff completes lunica - a stylized image of the month, or the head of a bull - a symbol of power, fertility and happiness. After all, with a stick is easier to Wade through the snow. The staff at Santa Claus for magic - just using it grandpa "cold".

In the hands of Santa Claus's nothing there. But there are two attributes on the face, which is unacceptable in our big Santa Claus is goggles and snorkel, which Santa smokes (though in recent years the last attribute appears less and, most likely, over time, disappear altogether - the anti-Smoking propaganda in the West).

9. The transport.

Classic Santa Claus go on foot. Modern - often in a sleigh pulled by three horses.

Santa Claus rides in a wagon pulled by reindeer.

10. Companions and helpers.

Assistant Santa Claus - the good elves. A faithful helpmate and companion of Santa Claus is his granddaughter the snow maiden. This girl dressed in white robes (or colors resembling frozen water, it symbolizes). Headdress granddaughter of Santa Claus - the eight-pointed crown, embroidered with silver and pearls.

11. A bag of gifts - perhaps the only thing that consistently have in common with Santa Claus and Santa Claus. Only Santa Claus honestly, openly and solemnly enters the house, just sends gifts from hand to hand or puts them under the Christmas tree, and Santa Claus secretly crawls through the pipe and hiding gifts in the stockings by the fireplace.

12. The overall look.

Santa Claus, in spite of advanced age, high, strong, vigorous and mighty Bogatyr. Santa - a short, plump rosy and cheerful old man.

Differences Santa Claus (DM) and Santa Claus (SC):

Differences Santa Claus and Santa Claus
  1. Headdress: DM - fur hat, SC - a night cap.
  2. On the face: the SC - glasses; DM sees well and without glasses.
  3. Beard: the DM long, fluffy; SC short, in curls.
  4. Outerwear: In DM - coat, SC - jacket.
  5. Opozivanje: the DM - sash, SC - leather black belt with buckle.
  6. On hand: the DM - mittens, SC - gloves.
  7. In the hands: the DM staff, SC - nothing.
  8. Legs: pants in DM under the long coat is not visible, SC - pants in the color of the jacket.
  9. Footwear: the DM boots, IC - boots.
  10. Satellites: the DM - maiden, NC anyone.
Differences Santa Claus and Santa Claus

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2014-05-23 12:35:50
Santa Claus looks better
2014-01-30 20:32:16
I thought that they almost odinakovye
2013-12-05 18:05:54
I've always wondered how can you compare the ancient pagan Santa Claus and a Catholic Saint to Santa Claus. In Greek mythology, our Grandfather can be pirowset to the titans. Our Grandfather is a phenomenon of nature, the elements, and Santa is the Holy one who gives gifts at Christmas
In order to explain to the kids who Santa Claus, I came up with a poem:

Santa Claus - Red Nose
Glaciers covered.
Hat - snow mountain,
On the brow shines Sludge.
Blue heaven lives in the eyes,
Stars are dancing on the cheeks.
Among avalanches mustache Blizzards
With the Wind turning the carousel.
In Paradise from Fogs
The Clouds hide the Snowstorms.
And the sheepskin coat from Blizzard
Snowfall hit.
Wonderful staff in the hands of
Terrible cold conceals.
As frown Grandfather
Sweep everything.
Smile Frost -
There is not a better day.
Everywhere the snow, like pearls,
Gems of ice.
In their flickering magic
Until then sleeps Spring.

2013-10-21 16:37:41
2012-02-05 02:40:46
super, I didn't knew!
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