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What drew ancient artists?

In the dark caves of Northern Spain and southern France, archaeologists discovered images of animals. Some prehistoric paintings depict animals, whose bodies pierced with arrows or Darts. These images are about 30 thousand years.

After many studies, scientists have concluded that, depicting animals on the walls of their homes, ancient people believed that by doing so he attracts hunting luck. And successful hunting meant well-fed and prosperous existence. Prehistoric man was helpless before the forces of nature, so believed in the magical power of the drawn lines.

But, despite the fact that ancient man drew not for your own pleasure, these works were already real works of art. Look: images of deer and fallow deer primitive artists are very well conveyed slender figures of these animals, their elegance of the silhouette and the suspicion, which affects the rotation of the head, novostirussia ears, the curves of the body, when they listen, not threatened if they are a danger. And later the image of a female elephant, trunk covering his elephant from the tiger's attack suggests that the artist began to be interested in something more than the appearance of the beast, that he was looking at the animal life and its various manifestations seemed interesting and instructive. He noticed in the world of animals touching and expressive moments, the expression of maternal instinct. Hence, the emotional feelings of a man was purified and enriched using his artistic activity.

The cave paintings of the Paleolithic period. The cave of Lascaux, France Cave paintings of the Paleolithic period. The cave of Lascaux, France


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