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Studying physics?

Physics is in the first row of the exact Sciences. The laws of physics are the basis of all natural science, because physics is the science of nature with the most General sense.

The movement of celestial bodies, the trajectory of the missiles, the processes in atoms, electromagnetic interference, decay and mutual transformations of elementary particles - a whole ocean of phenomena subject of this science.

Physics is closely connected with mathematics: that mathematics provides the means by which it is possible to accurately formulate physical laws. Physical theories are almost always formulated in the form of mathematical expressions. In turn, physical theory has stimulated the development of many areas of mathematics.

For the first time the term "physics" entered the greatest thinker of antiquity Aristotle (VI century BC). At first, the term "physics" used in the same meaning as "philosophy", and this is understandable, after all, and physics, and the philosophy of trying to find the laws that govern the structure and development of our world. But in the scientific-technical revolution of the sixteenth century physics became a separate research area.

In English the term "physics" was introduced by Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov, when he published the first Russian textbook physics in translation from the German language.


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