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What Newton did?

Isaac NewtonWhole picture of the world created by the great English scientist Isaac Newton, still amazes scientists. The merit of Newton that open them to obey laws as a huge celestial bodies, and tiny grains of sand blown by the wind.

Isaac Newton was born in England on January 4, 1643. At the age of 26 he became Professor of mathematics and physics and 27 years engaged in teaching. In the first years of his scientific career, he became interested in optics, where he made many discoveries. They were personally made the first mirror telescope that magnified 40 times (in those days a considerable amount).

From 1676 Newton began studying mechanics. Major discoveries in this field scientist set out in the monumental work "the Mathematical principles of natural philosophy". In "Beginnings" was told all that was known about the simplest forms of motion of matter. The teachings of Newton on space, weight and power was of great importance for the further development of physics. Only the opening of the 20th century, especially Einstein, showed the limits of the laws upon which was built the theory of classical mechanics of Newton. But despite this, classical mechanics has not lost its practical value.

Isaac Newton stated the law of universal gravitation and three laws of mechanics, which became the basis of classical mechanics. He gave the theory of motion of heavenly bodies, creating the foundations of celestial mechanics. He has developed differential and integral calculus, made many discoveries in the science of optics and color theory, has developed a number of other mathematical and physical theory. Scientific works of Newton were ahead of the General scientific level of his time, and so many of them were obscure contemporaries. Many of his hypotheses and predictions have proved prophetic, for example, the deviation of light in the gravitational field, the phenomenon of polarization of light, vzaimoprevrascheny of light and matter, the hypothesis of splenotomy of the Earth at the poles and other

On the grave of the great scientist carved the following words:

"Here rests
Sir Isaac Newton,
Which is almost divine power of your mind
For the first time explained
Through his mathematical method
Form and movement of the planets,
The paths of comets, the tides of the ocean.
He first explored the variety of light rays
And resulting features flowers,
Any up to that time no one even knew existed.
Diligent, insightful and faithful interpreter
Nature, antiquities, and the Scriptures,
He glorified in his teaching of the Almighty Creator.
The desired gospel simplicity he proved with his life.
Let mortals rejoice that their environment
Lived such an ornament of the human race.

Born on December 25, 1642
Died 20 March 1727".


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