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What is the use of bees?

The main contribution of bees in ensuring that food is not the honey that they produce. When the indisputability of its benefits and healing is much more important for a human activity of bees for pollination. Without the help of these pollinating insects no clover, no cucumber, no Apple or cherry or buckwheat or sunflower just didn't give a good harvest! Thanks to the pollination of the crops growing doubled and even tripled. Profits exceed the estimated revenues from direct products of beekeeping in dozens of times.

Twice Matures and berries in the forests, where there are beehives. Accordingly, increases the population of wildlife. It is understood the Russian Empress Catherine the great: it abolished for beekeepers of all taxes.

Nowadays in many countries, particularly in Germany and the United States, there are programs to support beekeeping as one of the most effective ways to increase crop yield. For example, the Manager of one of the American companies, which delivers free time hives on farms, receives from the Federal government 39 thousand dollars per year.


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