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Why rainbow called?

There are several versions, where did the word rainbow. The authors etymological dictionary (2004 edition) tend to this version: the word "rainbow" is to reinvent the word "Raduga". This word is used in the Ukrainian language to refer to this natural phenomenon. Well, the word "Raduga", as you might guess, is the result of adding two words: "Paradise" and "arc". In this case, the rainbow literally means "motley arc".

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Guest 2
2014-01-13 00:56:05
Egyptians RA is the name of your own, we've got simply means light. The Egyptian elite were Caucasoids, not nagrodami. Be aware of this nuance.
2013-12-03 14:33:23
why no one asks how formed the word arc. ha-movement,but ha,Doro ha, do as they say,means "two" turns Doo ha - movement in both stroner-du-ha light movement in both directions. something like that.
Darya Kasatkina.
2013-09-30 17:56:28
Rainbow comes from two words of the name of the ancient Egyptian boron RA and words arc. Literally " arc RA
2013-04-26 00:19:10
From Ariccia God RA. A rainbow is an arc of the sun God RA (Yar).
Think why we scream against the enemies of the word CHEERS
2013-01-01 23:29:45
"rainbow" is to reinvent the word "Raduga"
To make Russian words from outlying dialects emerged from the confusion of languages one of which was Russian it's certainly cool.
2012-01-06 11:53:03
2011-07-18 02:43:54
as was suggested earlier that the word rainbow= RA+Arc= solar arc
2011-04-04 08:46:22
Guest, then, according to you, the Slavs to denote a multicolored arc in the sky turned to Egyptian mythology?
2011-04-04 08:44:23
it seems to me that the word rainbow has been the addition of two words RA and ARC,and means solar arc,because RA is the sun God...maybe I
olibusta just my assumption

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