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What to do with garbage?

Garbage can be burned. But then the atmosphere will get large amount of smoke, oxides and harmful organic compounds.

It can be buried. But then the polymer boxes, cans and bags will be for a very long time - centuries to decompose, and our planet will resemble a layer cake with. waste.

Therefore, the waste must be sorted and process: what good is decomposed by bacteria in the soil, you need to bury that easy and relatively harmless burned to burn, and that does not burn or rot - add further production. In Japan, for example, in the recycling of synthetic plastics and shredded tires get great materials.

Certain types of waste are widely used to obtain the so-called biogas and liquid fuels, which, in turn, the raw material for the production of electricity. Some large cattle-breeding complexes completely self-sufficient in electricity by biogas produced from manure, which on such farms the excess. Such production can be called waste.

Non-waste technology is the hope of mankind. Closed air and water cycles in production does not pollute the environment. New technologies together with the rational methods of waste recycling can save humanity from the mountains of waste.


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