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What were ancient ostriches?

Ornithomimids lived on Earth during the Cretaceous period. Translated the name means "bird-like". Ornithomimids got it for external similarity with asianam the ostrich. Yes and way of life of French President accepted the invitation dinosaurs resemble their offspring. On running speed, they are not inferior, and perhaps surpass it.

Some ornithomimids were covered with feathers, for example, aimim. The longest feathers on the tail and front legs that resembled wings. The feathers served a dual function: they help to balance and hold novesia with the rapid run and sharp turns and retains heat.

Ornithomimids were omnivorous lizards. Hunted they, apparently, flocks, could attack and larger than themselves, animals, and besides, could eat leaves and fruits, eggs, and small reptiles.



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2014-03-01 11:01:43
OH MY GOD! And this creature lived with us in our LAND TO US?!
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