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What are resources?

Resources are recoverable, nonrenewable, and inexhaustible.

By replenishing natural resources include forests, water, soil. In place of cleared forests can be planted young trees. Rested from the crops, as they say agronomists, postavke fallow field may again become fertile. The purified water is returned to the cycle of nature. But in order to Supplement these resources, necessary knowledge and labour of man. People must be careful owners of the planet.

Nonrenewable resources - it's minerals that formed in the earth's crust many millennia ago. The reserves of oil, gas, ores in the Earth is limited, though, and seem to be inexhaustible. Nonrenewable resources cannot be produced again.

To inexhaustible resources include solar energy, wind energy, tidal waves. These resources are the most promising in our time. Tidal power plants operate in many countries. In the Netherlands, anciently famous for windmills, now working wind farms and solar panels can be seen on the space station, and on the roof of a small house, the owners decided to use environmentally friendly energy. Until the sun or wind are called non-conventional energy sources. But, we believe, very soon they will be the most traditional. After all, what could be more common sun?


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what natural resources are rich in the Irkutsk region
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what needs
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