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What I'm afraid of the forest?

Forests are afraid of axe and fire. For many centuries people to clear land under arable land and pastures, burned and cut down forests. During this time the area of the "lungs of the planet" has decreased by almost one third.

For millennia, such reduction of the biological resources of our planet almost prevented the progress of mankind. But lately, the ruthless destruction of forests has become a big environmental problem. And first of all in connection with the observed greenhouse effect. Because the leaves collect sunlight, which is involved in photosynthesis. The trees are magnificent natural machines, driven by radiant energy.

However, according to estimates, the area of tropical forests alone annually reduced by 11 to 15 million hectares. This is more than all of Australia!

Cutting down the forest, the man in the truest sense of the word cuts off the branch on which you sit.


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