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The origins of mathematics date back to antiquity, Account, Commerce, land surveying, astronomy, construction, and much more - here is its use in those days. And now without mathematics is no science, no kind of human activity. Even the word "mathematics" comes from the Greek word "mathematical expression", which means science.

Mathematics is the science that studies the values of quantitative relations and spatial forms.

All that was founded two thousand years ago, in mathematics, all mathematical laws and theorems that were made famous mathematicians of those times, the actual at all times.

Prior to the beginning of the XVII century mathematics in Europe was mainly concerned with numbers and relatively simple geometric shapes. By this time it was divided into arithmetic and geometry, and later formed algebra and trigonometry. But the development of mathematics has not stopped. With the expansion of human knowledge and applications of mathematics people could not do simple equations, they began to think in many planes, began to invent other, non-existent, but makes life easier space. Appeared formula derivatives, trigonometric formulas, fundamentals of differentiation and integration have been derived table and the table of integrals. An indispensable part of the world steel differential equations and various methods for their solution. And so far from mathematics allocated new disciplines, such as mathematical logic, game theory, information theory, and many others.

Science can be divided into natural and humanitarian. Natural study the world around us (e.g., physics, chemistry, biology), and humanitarian and human society (history, Philology, etc.). Mathematics, so to speak, studying herself, because she has to deal with real world objects and their ideal (i.e. abstract, generalized) models. But mathematics was not an abstract science. On the contrary, thanks to its versatility, the laws of mathematics and solving mathematical problems applicable in all fields of human activity. Therefore, in our time, mathematical methods are widely used in both natural and humanitarian Sciences.


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