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Who are the hadrosaurs?

Duckbilled dinosaurs (hadrosaurs) - the largest and most numerous of bipedal herbivorous dinosaur - ornithopoda. Lived hadrosaurs in the Cretaceous period, living in ponds. This is indicated pushed far back of the nostrils, swimming membranes on the front legs, a long tail is a powerful swimming organ and wide ungulates phalanx on his hind legs, simplified walking on the bottom of reservoirs.

The front part of the head of hadrosaurs looked like a large duck bill, played the role of SITA. Scouse it hadrosaurs were screened small sea creatures and herbaceous ground vegetation, which ate. These dinosaurs was a very complex system of teeth. Their number could reach several thousand, they are located in several rows and was perfectly suited for grinding hard branches and fruits. Strasheela rows of teeth were replaced with new ones.

Duckbilled dinosaurs were the toothy creatures in the world after sharks.

An interesting feature of the hadrosaur was a bizarre crest on the head. He had various forms. For some, it was a Crescent moon, passing through the middle line of the skull from the nose to the nape of the neck like a fancy helmet some crest consisted of several parts. And one subspecies duckbilled dinosaur ridge was reached 2 meters! These dinosaurs are perfectly caught the smells and could smell the enemy from afar. Great sense of smell helped them to survive in a dangerous world.

Long ridge of hadrosaurs - nothing but the continuation... nose! Inside this ridge was covered with olfactory cells.

Hadrosaur Hadrosaur
The hadrosaurs


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