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The answer to this question depends on what language it is.

The Jews are just numbered all days of the week except Saturday.

In Portuguese and Russian languages is partly used the same method: the name of the day indicates its place in the week after a day of rest - Sunday. Interestingly, in ancient times, this day was called... "the week", which meant "day of rest", and further week became known as the seven-day period of time. In other Slavic languages this is the title of the resurrection has been preserved: for example, in Bulgarian Sunday Week, at the Ukrainian - Nedilya on the Czech - Nedele.

English Portuguese English The value of Russian names
Monday segunda-feira Monday after "week - day "idleness"
Tuesday terca-feira Tuesday the second
Wednesday quarta-feira environment the middle
Thursday quinta-feira Thursday fourth
Friday sexta-feira Friday fifth
Saturday sabado Saturday Saturday
Sunday domingo Sunday Sunday

The English word "Saturday" (as well as Spanish, el Sabado, Italian Sabato and French Samedi) go back to the Hebrew word "Shabbat", which means "rest".

Sunday is named after the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after the crucifixion.

In European languages based on Latin, every day of the week is named after one of 7 known since ancient times of heavenly bodies:

Latin England Spain France Italy Light
Dies Lunae Monday Lunes Lundi Lunedi The moon
Dies Martis Tuesday Martes Mardi Martedi Mars
Dies Mercuri Wednesday Miercoles Mercredi Mercoledi Mercury
Dies Jovis Thursday Jueves Jeudi Giovedi Jupiter
Dies Veneris Friday Viernes V endredi Venerdi Venus
Dies Saturni Saturday Sabado Samedi Sabato Saturn
Dies Solis Sunday Domingo Dimanche Domenica The sun

In English the initial communication with the planets preserved for the Sabbath (Saturday), Sunday (Sunday) and Monday (Monday). But for the remaining four days, the names of Roman gods, which were named the planet, were replaced by the names of Anglo-Saxon or Norse gods. So, Tuesday (Tuesday) named in honor of Tiiu Kuik have conquered (Tiw), Wednesday (Wednesday) in honor of Vodena (Woden has attractive and practical), Thursday (Thursday) - in honor of Thor (Thor), and Friday (Friday) - in honor of Freyja (Freya).


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