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The cottonCotton is a very valuable plant, giving a wonderful fiber. When the fruit ripens, the flaps are opened and acts white fluffy fibrous mass. This is the cotton fiber (cotton).

Special machines remove the fiber from the seed, which is then sent to the spinning mill. There cotton spinning and weaving factories of yarns produce cotton cloth: cotton, Batiste, Voile, satin, flannelette and knitwear. Also cotton made blankets, waffle towels, cotton wool, plastic, pulp, film, paper, and seeds make oil.

After pomace oil remains the cake is food for cattle.

From other waste in the process of pomace oils extracted the tar, it is used for rigid pavements.

Peel seed is used for the production of ethyl and methyl alcohols.

Leaf extract malic and citric acid.

Stems - the fuel and building material.

What a generous crop - cotton!



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