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First of all, you should know in which situations can occur frostbite.

Pay attention to clothes, learn in the frosty season to dress properly. Preference should be given to multi-layered clothing. It is known that it is better to wear several easy things than one warm. The effect is achieved due to the fact that the air gap between the clothing stores heat well. In addition, vsgd you can remove one thing, if it will be hot.

Carefully cover up exposed areas of the body: neck, face, hands.

Take care of spare clothes.

If you are going to spend in the cold all day, be sure to take spare socks and a sweater.

And don't forget to change the become wet from snow clothes - this is often enough to feel comfortable.

Don't go out of the house hungry. Rich food will help to maintain internal body temperature. If you feel tired and froze to death - will eat anything.

Watch the weather forecast. Definitely look at the thermometer before leaving from home.

If you still froze, the main thing that you should remember: to move, and as much as possible! (And why?) Start working with your hands, doing simple exercises: without bending the arm, make 25-30 rotational movements from the shoulder. Move your toes, jump up and down from foot to foot, but don't go too hard! This may cause damage to frozen fingers.



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