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Who are the ichthyosaurs?

In the Triassic true masters of the seas became the sea lizards. Best of all for life in the water were adapted ichthyosaurs, which is very reminiscent of modern dolphins. They were Nastavenie limbs that could quickly and nimbly to move in the water. In addition to last, they have developed fins, but not radial, as in fish, and in skin folds. Ichthyosaurs ate fish and were viviparous animals. A newborn baby was immediately sail for the mother in the pack, which was concerned about its security.



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2013-06-06 19:16:15
Lao says here that ichthyosaurs resembled dolphins, not that they are their ancestors.
2011-11-16 07:09:36
Ichthyosaurs were not the ancestors of the Dolphin. Explain this please in the text, do not enter children astray. the extinction of the ichthyosaurs and the appearance of dolphins shares almost 50 million years
2011-05-06 13:06:37
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