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Tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes are the most popular ingredients of summer salad. As more of these vegetables can make funny hedgehogs, twin brothers and ladybugs. Joe tasty figures on a plate, decorate composition corn, peas, herbs and bring to the table instead of lettuce!



Make a shallow transverse incisions for "needles". Thin rings cut radish and cucumber. Each ring cut into 4 pieces and put in a cut on half of the tomatoes in the form of "pins and needles". The DPJ faces cut radish into 4 pieces and olives - halved. In olive put a pea, and her eyes draw sour cream or mayonnaise.


For twins you need a sprig of tomatoes. For the ears, make slits on the sides of the tomatoes and put them in slices of cucumber. For nose and eye use peas and corn. A smile from ear to ear" draw sour cream.
Tomato brothers


Cut small tomatoes in half and cut out a small triangle on each half. With a toothpick, make a hole and put them in slices olives. Half olives use for the head and eyes draw sour cream.


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Viktoria 776
2014-02-02 07:08:09
For young children who are just starting to cook,the student is simply a miracle!
2013-11-09 16:59:29
Meriem Uzerli
2013-08-09 11:12:40
Cool,but not very easy to do!
2013-05-14 16:08:31
Cool. we ought to do as well.=))
2013-04-03 17:39:24
The mockery of it, if you cook a chocolate cake...
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