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Frame and handkerchief

In the magician's hands a few postcards. One of them he tries to put on the table, but she, of course, falls. However, you should make some "magic" movements, and now the card is seated securely on the table. For more convincing magician even puts her glass of water!

The secret of the trick card.

Take two identical cards. One bend in the length in half, one half spread glue on the front side and glue to the back of the other. Postcards and squeeze dry.

Now - attention! First you show both cards, from both sides. Certainly neither the first nor the second is not standing on the table. To glued postcard was, it quietly bend half glued to her cards. In this position, it is not only necessary, but even withstands a glass of water.

"On the other side of focus" (M., "Word", 1990)

The young magician-illusionist
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