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Frame and handkerchief

Wooden frame the magician shows all sides of the auditorium. Asks one of the audience for a few minutes handkerchief. Pulls it on the frame and attaches stationery buttons. Again shows the audience, and then wraps it all in the newspaper. Takes from his pocket a "magic" wand and pierce the paper with the handkerchief in several places. Then unfolds the paper. What a miracle! On the frame, still pulled a handkerchief.

The secret of focus in the design of the frame. Glue it from two wooden planks length of 300 mm and two 250 mm, But that's not all. It will take another three trims: two length of 300 mm and one 250 mm Thickness of slats may be 6-8 mm. Connect these three strips together with the letter P. Now the frame and the resulting design will overlap each other and connect so that between them remained two-gap. You can navigate between them at the outer edge of the gasket, for example, made of thick cardboard. All parts glue, and their surface treat the skin.

Have you got a double frame with a groove on the inside. It remains to establish it one of the inner bar, the length of which will be chosen so that it can slide freely and grooves.

Now carefully. Handkerchief attach two buttons for moving placket and two - to still. Wrapping frame newspaper, quietly turn over the frame. Mobile bar with veil will fall down. Newspaper protegee "magic" wand, again turn over the frame, and a strap with a handkerchief returned to the place.

"On the other side of focus" (M., "Word", 1990)

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