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Try brocoli!

The magician shows the audience a short metal tube with holes in the middle, nonduty the balloon and magic wand. Viewers consider props. All of the ordinary.

Ball magician puts into the tube, and then inflate. Get two balls connected in the middle of the tube. The "magic" wand magician pierces the tube. And then... removes and shows to the audience absolutely a ball. Why did he not burst?

Let us work with you to unravel the secret of focus. But first prepare a metal tube. Its length is not more than 100 mm, and outer diameter of about 50 mm in the Middle of the tube, drill through. The hole diameter is 6 mm, the Most spectacular magic wand length of about 200 mm and a diameter of 5 mm

To focus, you will need another tube, which viewers do not need to know. Its length must be equal to the diameter of the first tube is 50 mm, the External diameter of the pick so that it is firmly included in the through hole. Internal - to through it easily passed the "magic" daddy.

Props ready. After the audience got acquainted with a larger tube, quietly insert a small tube into her hole. Then push in tube rubber ball and inflate it. Here's a small tube and will play a role. "Magic," daddy will pass through it without damaging the ball.

After you hide the small tube in his pocket, and props again will show the audience.

"On the other side of focus" (M., "Word", 1990)

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