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Bowls and confetti

On the table there are two bowls (upside down) and a glass with confetti. Show the audience the first bowl: it is empty. Pour in her part of the confetti from a glass. Everyone can see how little in the bowl of confetti. You should show the audience and the second Cup - let them see that it's empty. Now cover it with the bowl of confetti and immediately remove it. At the bottom of the bowl so much confetti that falls over the edge.

The bowl of confetti put on stop and again shows the audience an empty bowl. Next served her a bowl of confetti and just shoot. Everyone can see on the table there is a bowl,... filled to the brim with water. To the audience no doubt, cover the water on the floor.

The secret of this focus in the talk that one of the cups pre-filled with water and tightly closed circle of transparent celluloid film of the same diameter that the top edge of the cups.

The edges of the cups should be equal to the celluloid well stick to them. It is better to sand down with fine sandpaper.

Before the performance dip the bowl into the water and cover it with a circle. Be sure to under the celluloid no air bubbles, and the water will flow out ahead of time. Carefully remove the bowl from the water, carefully wipe and put on the table upside down. The surface tension of water will not allow it to flow.

Here you poured confetti from a glass into an empty bowl and show it to the audience. As soon as you are served a bowl the second, which is filled with water, quietly turn the bowl so that it was at the bottom. Then remove the top. Slide confetti on the film will create an illusion: a bowl full to the brim.

Now the focus script, you must re-cover the bowl with water the other. This will clasp your fingers its edges so as to capture and celluloid film from the bottom of the bowl.

Remove the top bowl put on the table. The bottom full of water.

"On the other side of focus" (M., "Word", 1990)

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