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His tear, and he's all

A sheet of paper or newsprint show viewers on both sides. He's all, see it all! Tear the paper in half, put the halves together again torn in half and crumple the pieces of paper.

Showing the audience the crumpled piece of paper, hold it in your right hand and begin to slowly stretch the ball. In your hands you get a whole sheet of paper, which showed the viewers at the beginning.

For focus you will need two identical sheet of paper. One of them gently fold several times and glue to the top corner of the second. Allow the glue to dry, and then during clamp the sheets in the grip, so they are denser prilepi to each other.

Now let's do the trick. With one hand you want to close a folded sheet of paper - so it becomes invisible. Then, holding the sheet in both hands (it is revealed), show it to the audience on both sides. Then tearing it in half, put the halves together and tearing it in half again. This operation can be performed several times - it all depends on the size of the selected sheet. Torn leaves crumple in his hands. Show us a ball of paper, passing it from one hand to the other." At this point discreetly turn the ball so that a folded piece of paper was turned to the audience and blocked broken.

Now you can straighten the folded sheet and show it to the whole audience. And torn scraps of hide as well as at the beginning of the focus you hid a folded sheet under the fingers.

"On the other side of focus" (M., "Word", 1990)

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