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Two shawls - three

You are holding two blue handkerchief. Show them to the audience on both sides, and then bind them with each other and show again the audience - let them see that scarves are connected firmly. Then put them on the table. Right hand, take with him a red handkerchief and put it in his left hand. Get out of the pocket "magic wand, make a few passes and open palm.

In it, as you know, nothing. The red handkerchief was gone. Take from the table associated blue handkerchiefs, and the audience can see that between them. . . and we had the handkerchief that has just disappeared.

The secret of focus is concluded and the making of one of the blue scarves - it double, and inside it filled red.

How to connect with each other? Cut from red handkerchief small area and sew instead of blue cloth. And in the place where it is sewn, baste red handkerchief to blue. So you would connect the second blue scarf with red. Before the demonstration starts, focus carefully fill the red scarf in blue, leaving the outside of the blue area. When you start to link both blue scarf - the audience sees it. Should now pull the scarves in different directions, as between them appears third.

Where vanishes the red handkerchief, which you have shown to the audience at the beginning of the focus? Pretending to put it in the left hand, leave in the right. When they get out of the pocket "magic" wand, quietly put down the scarf.

"On the other side of focus" (M., "Word", 1990)

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