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Ring in the box

In his hands you a small box with holes in the side walls. Slowly open the door and put in a box nickeliron ring. Shut the door, pierce the box "magic" wand. Open the door again. The audience can see that the ring is no longer lies on the bottom of the box and put on the middle of the sticks!

First about the props. CLA this trick is that you need two identical rings with a diameter of about 50 mm And a box with a secret.

Its size can be anything. For example, it is possible to make or pick up a box of cubic shape with a side face three times four is larger than the diameter of the ring. In the middle of the side walls make the hole diameter of 20 mm And inside, around a hole in one of the side walls, make a deepening of the exact ring size.

The rear wall of the box consists of two halves. If the bottom you will secure the hinges, it will be easy to open and close.

Put one of the rings into the recess and can proceed.

When the wand passes through the box, quietly open the rear door, and the ring, put on the eyes of the audience on the bottom of the box will slip you in the palm of his hand, so will only quickly to hide it. Shake the box. Ring POPs out of the recess and is hung on a stick. Boldly show "miracle" to the audience.

"On the other side of focus" (M., "Word", 1990)

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