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Bag and jug

From a sheet of thick paper roll bag. Then take from the table clear glass jug with water and pour in a bag of water. The pitcher put on the table, and the bag expand and give to the audience for inspection. It is dry.

The secret of this trick is in a small waterproof kite made of transparent polyethylene or other plastic, to the upper part which you want to attach a wire hook.

The basket may be of any size, it is important that it fits a glass of water. Before presenting focus should be covered with celluloid the packet to the pitcher standing on the table opposite to the viewer side.

Now let's follow the technique of focus.

Take the jug left hand. Right to a paper bag to hold the back of the jug and quietly put plastic into the paper basket. There he must hang on the hook. Of course, you guessed that water should be poured not in a paper bag and plastic. By doing this, you remove it and again hung on the hook, this time inside of the jug. And that's all.

"On the other side of focus" (M., "Word", 1990)

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