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Take the stack of cards, one by one put them in boxes. Then lift up - they formed the "house" (Fig. 1).

Focus with house of cards

What's the secret? Need a separate stack of cards and folding house of the same cards. For the manufacture of a house will require 18 cards and sticky tape. The house consists of 3 identical parts, let's call them "blocks". Is the unit in the following way.

Four postcards glued together by small ribs. If they are open, you get a square. Two cards separately glued large ribs, and then around the perimeter glued from the inside of the square. These two cards are folded up in half. The entire unit easily folds from left to right and right to left (Fig. 2). If, lifting to reveal cards (due to the two opened down), they will maintain their vertical position (figure 3).

The whole house consists of 3 floors. Average relative to the other two, is on the contrary, as shown in the figure. The finished blocks are glued to each other horizontally spaced postcards.

Rising house by means of a loop of fishing line, strengthened in the center of the top cards.

Folding house is placed in advance on the bottom of the box. Down there separate cards, open up the whole house. Because of the individual cards in the box is not visible, will show that the cards themselves have developed in house.

Thin cards may not be suitable to demonstrate this focus. For greater strength instead of one of the cards it is better to use two (one), gluing them together.

Making besides a few extra blocks, it is possible to give the house a variety of configurations.

Valery Postolati. "Merry magic" (M, "Panorama", 1992)

The young magician-illusionist
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