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Simple roll the dice lightly press the index finger to the center of the forehead. He seemed glued, will remain and will not fall.

The cube secret is not. Light weight and deepening available on faces, some time allow you to hold it in this position.

Valery Postolati. "Merry magic" (M, "Panorama", 1992)

The young magician-illusionist
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2013-07-28 13:19:14
Show the audience monedula it to the forehead of the viewer and slightly previtera hand with the coin (the viewer should not see what coin you), the Viewer feels that the coin is still on lbosire him: " now take the coin with vagale stand and watch in utter amazement.
For children 5-9 years old and although adults sometimes are bought.
2013-02-04 15:57:05
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