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Show the handkerchief on both sides. Cover them with a table. Hold the hand in the middle of the handkerchief. Slowly raise it up. Look! Together with veil is raised and a table.

Focus with rising table></center>
<p>This focus is not complicated, but requires special equipment. The figure shows that the leg of the table is sturdy thread. It passes into the small hole in the center of the cover. On the lower end of the thread, at the base of the legs, hanging a small weight. The upper end is fixed a small transparent button. The length of the yarn is calculated in advance.</p>
<p> Lifting the handkerchief up, you need to seize and button lying on the table, And if you let go of the handkerchief, the line itself will go down in the leg of the table under the weight of the cargo and it will not be noticeable when you remove the handkerchief from the table.</p>
<p class=Valery Postolati. "Merry magic" (M, "Panorama", 1992)

The young magician-illusionist
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2014-02-01 10:26:05
now, if the table flew without your hands. that would be very best
2013-10-08 23:16:47
class :-)
2013-01-20 14:36:53
2012-12-01 22:37:50
This is a really SIMPLE (rock)
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