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On the table in a transparent vase. Next to three small Soudan filled with water, which podkrucheno aniline powder of different colors. Pour water in a vase of blue, then the water red, and finally yellow. Water is not mixed. A vase filled to the brim with water, which consists of three layers: on the bottom blue layer above it is red, and the top yellow layer. This vase can be shown from all sides.

What is the secret? In particular, is quite complicated, the device vases. It is made of thin plastic material. Its height is 20 cm and diameter 10 cm Vase glued three of the same height and diameter of glasses, different device. The height of each Cup 7 see the Bottom of the glass without the secret. In the bottom middle is a hole in which the fixed end-to-end cylinder of the same height, but with a diameter of 4 see the Top of the glass do with the internal cylinder diameter 7 see Glue them together, and the surface of the resulting vases decorate under the crystal (or put it in a vase). This will hide the secret device. Top vase will look as shown in the figure.

Focus with colored water in a vase

Fill the vase with water, not forgetting that in each of the glasses can fit different quantity. On average less than at the bottom and at the top is less than the average. First pour water into the cylinder. Then the water is poured between the walls of the first and second cylinders. The last portion of the colored water should be poured between the walls of the second cylinder and the vases.

Valery Postolati. "Merry magic" (M, "Panorama", 1992)

The young magician-illusionist
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