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In your hand a cardboard card, depicting a chip dominoes. The viewer sees that it is "empty". You turn over the card on the other side there is a combination of "empty - four". You again turn over the card, and instead of "empty" viewers see the combination of "empty - three"! A new twist, and instead of "empty " four" before them the combination of "empty - six"!

The secret is simple. Focus based on what the viewer involuntarily gameslive what remains unseen.

Make a card dominoes, where two points, with the other five. They are, as shown in the picture (front and back). The point should be of such size that they can be close with your finger.

First you show the other side of the card, where two points, closing her finger one of them. Unsuspecting viewer sees that it is "empty". Similarly, you and "five" turned into "four".

Focus with Domino

On the third time you close your finger to the empty space. Before the audience only two points, but in his mind the usual way chips "empty - three," and he "sees" the missing third point under your finger. The same thing happens when you close the empty space in the image with five points - here itself "is read" six.

Valery Postolati. "Merry magic" (M, "Panorama", 1992)

The young magician-illusionist
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2013-11-22 20:43:50
I did not understand the focus
2013-07-28 16:57:45
Girls what you play dominoes??
Lisa-the Secret is simple. The focus is based on the fact that the viewer involuntarily gameslive what remains unseen.
This I took from textamerica again and take your time,you're not on the lesson of literature.
2013-05-22 20:04:40
don't believe the point is not so set!
2012-12-22 09:40:07
did not understand the focus something I
2012-03-01 06:32:05
only Domino dots are not so!
2012-03-01 06:31:00
2011-12-09 02:49:19
2011-11-11 11:18:10

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