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You probably already saw this trick. Want to know his secret and learn how to execute it? Imagine: you, as a real magician, get completely empty tubes one after the other colored handkerchiefs!
This focus is well suited to performing on stage, and it is very easy to prepare and perform.

Prepare with focus magic tube Prepare with focus magic tube Prepare with focus magic tube
1. Take the empty bottle from under liquid dishwashing. Cut both ends so that it looks like a tube. 2. Cut with scissors to the bottom of the plastic Cup, stepping back from the bottom approximately 5 mm. 3. Place the cut glass bottomed up in the tube at the level of its edge. If necessary, trim the top part of the Cup so that it would fit in the tube.
Prepare with focus magic tube Prepare with focus magic tube Prepare with focus magic tube
4. The inner part of the tube and Cup color black paint. Let them dry. 5. Smear glue over the wide rim of the Cup, place it in the tube, as in step 3, and well push it firmly stuck. 6. Now you can decorate the magic tube with vneshnei side. Line it with colored paper, glue patterns, stickers or paint with bright colors.
1. First take several silk scarves and tie them all in turn. Wrap the resulting "chain" of scarves around the upper edge of the tube. At this place between the edges of the Cup and the tube so that they were not visible from the outside.
Do the trick with the magic tube Do the trick with the magic tube Do the trick with the magic tube
2. Before you pick up the phone and to demonstrate its emptiness, pull the tip of the scarf and tuck it under his thumb. 3. Show the audience the "blank" tube, turn the "secret" end to itself. The audience should not see! 4. Wave over the tube magic wand and say the magic words or scatter over the tube gold dust.
5. Now suddenly pull out of the pipe, handkerchiefs, taking her in his other hand. And the first hand and continue to hold the tip of a handkerchief is hidden under your thumb.
"As you can see, the tube is completely empty... have You seen this? And now I will say the magic words and...
It's a miracle! In the tube there are two... no, three... no, four beautiful shawl!"

Fun ideas, No. 5, 2008


The young magician-illusionist
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