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Show the handkerchief 50x50 cm on both sides. Take the candle and cover it with a handkerchief. Top hold a burning match and light the candle. When she turns, move the handkerchief in different directions. The candle is lit and the handkerchief remains completely unharmed. Extinguish the candle, then remove and show a handkerchief.

Focus with a burning candle

So focus! The scarf really is a before and after, and in the demonstration of this trick. And the secret device candles. Ordinary round of the gas lighter is inserted into a tube made of thick white paper, so it is not visible. When the lighter is lit, the gas goes up and easily passes through the handkerchief. The scarf does not light up as it moves in one direction and then in another direction, which is enough. Holding the handkerchief burning match, do not forget at the same time to open the gas.

And remember that all tricks with fire require special care and skills, they can do only with adults.

Valery Postolati. "Merry magic" (M, "Panorama", 1992)

The young magician-illusionist
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super,prikolno and cool. I have this trick turned out to be the best of all!!
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