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Experiments with turning the invisible into the visible, and some other chemical experiments can show how the tricks. However, the tricks produce much more impressed if you show them in a row, one after the other, surrounding the mystery of what is happening, spells and slow passes "magic wand"...

Chemical fact tricks (and it is not so difficult) will not be revealed. Find it yourself, and then you don't just entertain the audience, but also replenish their knowledge.

Quantitative ratios must be observed, but not very strictly. So, every time you don't weigh reagents, make wood scoops, containing about 10 mg of the dry reagent. You can use plastic spoons, which put some powdered medicines. Each time we will explain how such standards should take.

First - the focus by turning water into milk. In a glass put the five measuring spoons of calcium chloride, the other with the same amount of sodium carbonate (washing soda) and fill with water to about a third of the glass. The solution doesn't look too will be different from water. Drain them together, and the liquid becomes white, like milk. Without wasting time in vain (otherwise precipitate can sink to the bottom and you will see that it is not no milk), add to the liquid a solution of hydrochloric acid in excess and "milk", instantly skypaw, will once again be "water".

Now focus a little more complex - the water will turn not only in milk, but in ink. The focus will need three cups. In one pour two spoons of chloride of barium (or strontium), the other one spoon of tannin. Pour in the two cups of half a teaspoon of water. Powders on the bottom after stirring will dissolve and the water is so small that from a distance glasses will seem to the audience empty.

In the third glass put the five of cups double sulphate of iron and ammonium FeSO4(NH4)2SO4 (g Mora). This glass fill with water almost to the top. All ready to focus. In the eyes of the audience take the third Cup, salt Mora, and mold from it, colourless solution in empty glasses. In one of them (where the barium chloride) water instantly turns to "milk"the second in "ink".

The next focus is no more difficult. In the test tube with water to dissolve two spoons of cobalt chloride (solution did you do the invisible inscriptions). White cotton handkerchief soak in this solution and dry it. The handkerchief will be blue.

The trick is that you show us a blue handkerchief, and then crumple it up and squeeze in the hand. If you are several times much will blow on the handkerchief, he moistened and will again become white. Release the fist and show a white handkerchief to the audience. It, by the way, you can use several times: after drying the handkerchief again pagelabel.

For the next trick with the color change will need three salt: red blood, salicylate of sodium and salt Mora. All these substances have very little, one spoon; dissolve them separately in test tubes, half full of water. The essence of the trick is that the red blood salt is salt Mora blue staining, and sodium salicylate - red. If you are a simple pencil lightly work out a plan for the outline of the drawing on paper and then soak it with a brush two solutions: the red blood salt and sodium salicylate - and allow it to dry out, the audience will not even notice that on paper something done. A clean sheet hang on the wall and draw on it with a brush dipped in a solution of salt Mora (tell the audience that this is a standard water). Figure instantly, right on the eyes are painted in red and blue.

Another traditional focus as no fire to light a candle. You probably know the principle of this focus, but that very much depends on its design.

Advise to do so. Glass test tube pour outside stearin or paraffin so that it becomes similar to a candle. Close the test tube with a metal cap with a hole, through which pass the wick. In a test tube, pour a little alcohol, so he soaked wick. After that, the cap also pour the stearin or paraffin, in order peeking out only the wick. "Candle" is ready.

A magic wand will serve ordinary glass rod, on the end of which you will gain quite a bit of a slurry of potassium permanganate and sulfuric acid. Warning: the mixture prepared in very small quantities required for only one experience! Do not touch the mixture with your hands!

How to beat this experience, and you will probably understand (don't forget passes and spells). Then tap the wand wick - and at the end it immediately catching fire.

The experiences of tricks to change the colors look very peculiar, when used not just water, and thickened solutions. The thickening agent may be sodium silicate, an aqueous solution which is called liquid glass. It is quite suitable for the focus and diluted with water twice clerical silicate glue.

Pour into a glass with a little calcium chloride and add one or two drops of phenolphthalein. In another Cup type solution of sodium silicate. As soon as you throw him in the first solution and shake the mixture, it is, of course, turns red, and even more curious, thick, like a fruit jelly.

Instead of calcium chloride can you take 3 scoops of magnesium sulfate (pharmaceutical bitter salt), add water, stir and add a few drops of a solution of sodium silicate. After mixing and at this time formed a "jelly", but not bright red and pale pink.

Painted silicate jellies allow you to "draw" magic pictures. Make a sketch of the figure, and those places that should be painted, moisten a colorless solution of phenolphthalein. Another sheet of paper wet with a solution of sodium silicate is also colorless. Press the sheets one to another and after a few minutes (meanwhile, you can show different focus) carefully separate the leaves. The picture itself became red! For dedicated not surprising considering that the solutions of sodium silicate alkaline reaction...

And the last trick, too, promised before the transformation of the "water" in the blood". Prepare an opaque vessel, for example, having pasted over a glass jar with colored paper; for more mystery draw on paper alchemical symbols. Pour water into the jar.

Prepare some clean glasses. In fact, just three, but in order to give the audience the impression that becoming very difficult to hire five or six glasses. In a glass put four spoons of potassium hydrosulfate or place a few drops of acetic acid and mark for themselves (but so that was not noticeable to the audience) this glass, so it can immediately be distinguished from the others. In another Cup pour a spoon of soda ash, the third - a few drops of a solution of phenolphthalein. Dry reagents pour Chaly amount of water and stir to dissolve. Now you can show the focus.

First of all convince the audience that the Bank plain water; and since it is so, then you can proof to drink from the jar a few SIPS. And then all the cups fill with water from the banks. Will not happen anything. Pour all the water back into the jar out of all cups except one, with sodium hydrosulphate (or acid). The liquid in the pot will paint like blood, and the audience will see it as soon as you pour it back into the glasses.

Again drain the contents of the cups in a jar - this time from all the glasses. The liquid will fade, "blood" will turn into "water", which you will pour it into glasses. But to drink it is not necessary.

Experience simple, but quite effective, if, of course, not to forget about spells...

O. Holguín. "Experiments without explosions"
M., "Chemistry", 1986

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I think that's what... in this article, I would instead of formulas and "calcium chloride" wrote normal, "human", the familiar names, like salt, soda, etc. is Too long and boring article. To do this, I would be all tricks, written in this article, divided into many short with a photo or with suitable pictures.
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well cool but somehow stupidly
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I agree, but in some it is interesting sluchayah
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I never got to read it a lot and you can get lost in this focus
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