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On the refractory base is attached an ordinary newspaper. If her gently to burn, it will burn, but not all. On the stand will remain clear newspaper applique selected image (for example, the moon or flower).

How to achieve this? Need advance preparation. Make a stencil of the subject, a silhouette which is pronounced. Put the stencil on the paper and the entire volume to thoroughly saturate the solution of natural alum. They will give the newspaper the resistance.

Pin the paper to the stand. Solution after drying is not visible. Click insert in the upper part of the silhouette. Hold the bottom of the burning match - newspaper will burn, and soaked silhouette will remain intact.

If you add in a solution of alum potassium nitrate and turn off the lights, your application will sparkle in the dark.

Remember that all tricks with fire require special care and skills, they can do only with adults.

Valery Postolati. "Merry magic" (M, "Panorama", 1992)

The young magician-illusionist
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Dasha (nick)
2014-05-25 12:52:32
Did not work :-(
2014-05-25 12:51:20
I didn't get
2014-04-02 15:58:30
I have two questions.-What is the solution of alum and potassium nitrate, AND where they priobresti said Hello!
2013-05-01 18:37:06
only for children from 10 years
2013-02-20 20:59:06
and what is the solution of alum and potassium nitrate? can this be bought at the pharmacy?
2012-01-20 04:02:05
supper very best thank you
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