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Everyone knows that people are either not too sensitive- "thick-skinned", or, on the contrary, impressionable, receptive, responsive,- "thin-skinned". American psychologist Ernst Hartmann, studying this feature, introduced in science the concept of "boundaries of the mind". They protect our psyche when confronted with what is happening around. When dealing with people we unconsciously move our borders: some keep at a distance, others come up to him. People are very different from each other in the castle's defensive barriers. One even number on the head shadow, and another to "get" it and look. Interestingly, to identify such features can be very early when the child is aware of itself (aged 3-4 years). But over the years all the boundaries of the psyche become stronger, or, if you prefer- "thicker skin". It is noteworthy that the psyche of women are more permeable and less secure than men's. Read carefully 20 claims from the test Hartman. Which of them do you agree and how?

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