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Now any girl can choose one or another fashion image, each of which correspond to a certain style of life, manner of dress and, of course, makeup. But the most important thing is always to stay natural!

Type (rocker girl)

For bikers, the motorcycle is and the other, home and vehicle. Their clothes are always leather and denim, frayed jackets-leather jackets, boots-"the Cossacks", lots of metal jewelry and silver chains. Girls make up about 20% of the total number of bikers. They are rude and at the same time feminine, or are very short trendy haircuts or long tousled hair and a bandana". Girl biker to anything big makeup: black eyeliner and lipstick, usually this is enough to feel confident and irresistible!


This movement, most popular in the 70-80-ies, exists to this day. Hippie romantic person from among them came a lot of writers, artists and poets. The hippie style is long, untouched by scissors hair brushed and parted in the middle and caught the strap, jeans (or long skirt and t-shirt (or blouse-"samosas"); simplicity in communication with each other and unwillingness to burden themselves with any job. Their appearance and way of life they seem to say that people don't need much. Hippies love to walk barefoot. Girls hippie prefer to use black mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow pencils; a huge, heavily made up eyes stand out vividly on their neuromantik persons. Hippies call themselves children of nature, so their ornaments consist of natural materials: leather, suede, wood... and flowers.


Timidly began its triumphant progress in the 30-ies of the twentieth century, the models and centerfolds firmly entrenched in our daily lives. But they have never been so popular as it is now! Advertising and catwalk beauty has already eclipsed Hollywood "stars". Very quickly the "model fever" became more infectious influenza in our country. The catwalk and advertising is a very special world where cosmetics used without limitation: colored karandasj for the eyes, the abundance of mother of pearl and sequin, restucturing" persons, artificial eyelashes, mascara hair - everything is possible here! But that in ordinary life to paint as on the catwalk, you need to be fairly confident (and, of course, stylish) - otherwise it will look painted doll!


The name itself says that this girl is dressed in a shop stylish teen clothing "NAF-NAF" and feels real media youth fashion. It changes your wardrobe in line with the new seasonal collection (or at least gets one or two things extremely fashionable cut and color) and is always aware of exactly what to wear in order not to lose face. Girl NAF-NAF draws a neat arrow on the eyes, dressing up in bartnicki with long collars, and limited to blush and lip gloss, wearing sports clothing (but in any case she has a flawless complexion - due to the nature or tone cream known company). And if she shaped her blue eyes shadow and wore a t-shirt color kiwi - so on her pants in green and blue cell. All thought out, as on store mannequins.


Toxic, acid colors in the clothes were super trendy a couple of years ago, but now "neon fashion" is yesterday. However, the girls hardly part with incredibly bright t-shirts, sarafan and trousers of practical synthetics (actually, all this beauty is not too good for the body). Going to the disco, Kalotina draws a huge eye with the help of multi-colored shadows and bright lipstick. Sometimes it looks pretty cool!


It just seems that a Pro-style "unisex" clothing (suits like men, t-shirts and simply shirts instead of blouses, rough or classic boots, short hair, bulky sweaters) absolutely do not look after their face - even as you watch! They spend on cosmetics more money than the girl NAF-NAF and Kalotina together. All of this a lot of money is spent on first glance, vain, and actually creates a virtually flawless picture is very natural persons, only slightly tinted makeup.


Unisex erected in the absolute. Some asexual and almost lifeless creature with a pale face, blue lips and huge, staring into space Dahl eyes. The image is created and maintained with cosmetics white, light blue and silver scheme. Black (or even artificial) can only be eyelashes. The androgynous on earth, frankly, not very settled, but no-no and will flicker in the crowd, like the bodiless angels, everything pastel and incomprehensible. They say that they are for the future (God forbid to live up to this!).

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