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(Plants vs zombies)

Online version (simplified) popular games for Windows and Mac OS. You plant near his home different plants. Some of them give a "suns", needed for growing new plants. Others - the majority - the "battle of plants, protecting you from the hordes of zombies who want to sneak into your house and eat your brains! Each plant has its combat characteristics, properties and power: some shoot zombies, others freeze them, and still others eat, the fourth blow, etc. Zombies is also not so simple - the more difficult the level, the stronger and more sophisticated all new kinds of undead. But the weak point and method of struggle is for each of them. You need at every stage of the game to develop a strategy for planting different types of plants in order to successfully fight off the numerous attacks of the whole of hordes of zombies!
Different levels of the game take place in different places: on the lawn in front of the house (two variants - day and night), in the back yard (also day and night) and rooftop (day only).

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About the game

The game "Plants vs. Zombies" is a strategy tower defense genre, i.e. the player must deal with attacking his enemies before they cross the entire field of play. It was developed by PopCap Games in 2009. In 2010 was released a simplified version of the game for iPhone and iPod touch all generations and for the iPad.
Next year the company PopCap Games decided to release a free online version of the game. In it the player will have 12 plant species, 6 species of zombies and 14 levels.

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just class
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the game is very fun, but difficult to walk can neither!!
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I cool
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fly away
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