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Previously thought that the age of the proteins are easily recognizable by weight of the crystalline lens of the eye. This opinion was based on the fact that in rabbits, hares and even sheep weight of the lens is greater, the older the animal. But in 1971, in the "Zoological journal" published an article in which it was proved that the lens squirrel eyes heavier only up to three years and four years even decreases.

But with the lens researchers still will not leave. And here's why: "the eye Lens proteins may be an indicator of its best physiological development... after which the aging process begins. This assumption is confirmed by the fact that in 3-4 years the proteins observed maximum number of young in a litter and the high activity of reproduction.

Furry brethren acquires a family, not without troubles. One squirrel linked a few admirers. From time to time they give each other a beating. Sometimes it gets and the lady, if she hesitates with the choice of spouse. Males during the rut hover - sorted hind legs, excitedly shouting, a lot of running around on the ground. In the suburbs the rut is in January, if not very cold, or in February - March. Anyway, in the beginning of March in the nests already found the squirrels.

The paired possible and autumn: animals from the same nest is almost always a male and a female. The family feeling was even based method of murder: hunters were lured admirers, waving her wand in the air (sound similar to the muttering proteins).

The latest observations show that couples the eccentric protein sometimes persist for the whole life. And not family scandals guilty that breaks the marital boat. Because of the high mortality of males is often formed groups with complex family relationships: 2-3 males and 4-5 females. They all live nearby and don't have animosity towards each other.

Before the advent of the young mother is cleaning up the house, erect a spare housing. Less than two apartments her not to do: when the young get old month, the eye will stay separate from them. What is it? Negligence? Fatigue? Maybe the young are teasing her, do not give rest day nor night? They say that business is easier - no child escapes the mother, and from fleas. The validity of this explanation is reinforced by the fact that the squirrel in his mouth drags pups from the nest in the nest, saves them from bloodsuckers growing warm.

The number of tiny, requiring milk lumps year on year is not necessary. In the hard times in Crete future mothers triggered merciful mechanism: part of resorbed embryos! There is no need in agony to die of hunger, it is better not to be born. Embryos may disappear not only in absolute but also in case of partial famine - lack of cholesterol, calcium, vitamin E.

On biostation under Kirova the young are carefully measured and weighed with the pharmaceutical scales. It turned out that the fastest growing their eyes, teeth, hind legs and tail. The hasty growth of the legs and tail explained in two ways: protection from accidental falls from a height and adaptations for jumping from tree to tree. Anyway, the squirrels quickly develop exactly those entities that are most needed for independent living. If little Red riding hood asked not deceiver-wolf, and naive young, she still would have received similar answers: big eyes in order to see better...

The young are born in the spring, usually Hilo, develop slowly. The second brood is growing twice as fast - ripe food. For those and other childhood ends in five months old. And then live as you know.

To raise strong children Vaxjo can near a stream or forest lake: during the milk feeding, drink plenty of fluids. That's why near the water in the spring and summer of protein is much higher than in dry forest wilderness, inhabited only males Yes older adult females. Autumn freed from the cares of the mother and younger generations migrate to the elderly - there are better fed.

The number of squirrels and people change through 4-7 years following the harvest of tree seeds. Familiar animal suddenly becomes a rarity. When food abundance, in the fall of each old squirrel has eight young wolves.

In the sad autumn days squirrel youth covers a passion to change places (nomadic flocks 95% consist of individuals who have milk on the lips, only became dry). The lack of life experience does not prevent them to perform feats. Usually the animals are traveling alone or haphazardly. Go during the day, a good night's sleep. Cruising speed is 3-4 kilometers per hour, and the average route length is 250 kilometers. Should arrive frost as camping stop.

Trips taken amazing. For example, in 1920, from Eastern Siberia across the tundra, where the protein is almost no provisions have been made the trip to Kamchatka. But that's not all proteins was crossing the Yenisei river, Northern Dvina... Swam in the Baltic sea, wanted to force swim across the Tatar Strait and the Baikal. Fixed case when they crossed three Teletskoye lake in Altai.

This is impossible without sacrifice. Here is the story of a geologist Peter Sosunova about the events of 1962 on the taiga river North. Proteins "...swam across the current quickly, skillfully, highly lifting the tails and userosel on the ears of the brush. But too broad river, too rapidly its course. Was wet tails, wet brush - animals silently and slowly sank... Or suddenly heard a shrill screech: you struggled, resisted proteins, dragged under the water.

And in the evening the waves threw out on the spit unusually bloated trout out of his mouth protruded a squirrel tail. When opened taimen, didn't want to believe my own eyes... Fourteen protein pulled out of the belly! Whole baby coat".

By the way, with children and other coats of the case now than stellar: procurement squirrel skins over the last decade has fallen from 15 to 4-5 million units. No, hunters are not forgotten how to shoot. Just protein was less. Why they are bad live? Of the several versions: the replacement of Mature coniferous forest clearings, accumulation in populations of protein genes of low fecundity, predation strongly bred sable... Think that if hectare of yaws three or more Sables, squirrels not to live.

We will not discuss neither the genetic nor the other versions. This is a matter for specialists. Will not help if their discussion maps yield proteins", monograph expert squirrel life I. e Kirisa?

We has to stop, it's time to remember the beautiful words of the great naturalist of the last century, A. A. Cherkasova: "How many people protein warms his warm fur! How much beauty and bling gives it a nice floor, hanging on their various jackets and so on. Right, holding the pen, lost, what to say about the benefits of proteins in the human world."

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