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Prince for squirrels then
He built the crystal house...
A. S. Pushkin. The tale of Tsar Saltan

In the crystal mansion Vaxjo lived only Prince Guidon. Perhaps it was embarrassing: all the time in my eyes, no personal life. In addition, in the summer in a transparent vessel will not hide from the sun. Winter is even worse - the crystal does not possess insulating qualities.

And proteins, oddly enough, a great sissy. In rain, wind and frost day they don't poke their nose out of the house. One can understand them: real house, called the nest, perfectly confronting climate woes. Direct measurements showed that in vosemnadcatiletnij frost in hayna reigns grace: it is 20 degrees Celsius.

The nest is a ball of spruce, pine and birch branches. Structure attached to the tree, certainly on the South side, usually no lower than five feet from the ground.

Proteins architects fastidious: land use spruce, pine and sometimes only in the extreme case of other trees. The diameter of the winter quarters 20-30 centimeters: the tiny door. In cold weather the door is sealed by a bunch of grass or moss. Insulated housing with moss, lichens, lime bast. The floor is lined with dry grass. In the Leningrad region in squirrel apartments found bird feathers and even rabbit fur.

Seemingly comfortable accommodation. What else do you want? But the forest aristocrat required spare living space: the squirrel is up to five flats! However, this is usually a summer socket, not insulated so diligently. And you should not think that little dart frogs gripping construction itching. For housing are often used magpie nests (they roof), hollows, birdhouses and even sheds.

There is an opinion that Vaxjo individuality, does not love company. Not true this is serious hunger and cold days, the animals spend the night at two or three in the nest. Sometimes the nest is covered by six people.

In zoos proteins often reach 12-13 years. In the natural environment where they have no one to care, six proteins lucky, spoilt children of fate: most of the tribesmen to three years loses his life.

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