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"The most fun, most agile
and busy small animal in our forests..."

Light protein the truth bast:
It is a miracle I know...
A. S. Pushkin.
The tale of Tsar Saltan

Protein is probably the only rodent that cute and small children, full of love for all living things, and wise old men. And no wonder that red, ash grey or almost black animal called a squirrel? Rather, it would be necessary to call the hare: all skin white, and not only in the stomach, as in ordinary proteins. (The word "ordinary" is not a literary stamp, and the Zoological term.)

Reddish color squirrel pelts led the ancient Germans to devote animal red-bearded God of the Torah. In the spring in honor of the Torah in the hills burn the sacrificial fires, where squirrels were thrown alive. In the tropics the four-legged dart frogs didn't ruined - from time immemorial hunted for meat (skin from there the protein useless).

In some places, and in temperate latitudes did not disdain squirrel meat. Here is a phrase from the famous novel Fenimore Cooper: "On the middle of the table stood two heavy silver miss-tin's edge, surrounded by four dishes; one of them was fricassee of protein". Settlers, kolonizatsii North America, loved to eat. And at their desks, according to F. Cooper, squirrel fricassee - chopped roasted or boiled meat with seasoning - was combined with roasted Turkey.

Can, and really delicious protein? Write the same as the once indigenous Siberian people, removing the skin and lipotriches animal, threw the carcass directly on coals or hung before the fire on a stick (the rampage), and only browned the meat will flow and the hissing barely warmed the blood, as it is removed and eaten on both cheeks, usually without salt and rarely with bread".

Earlier in Russia in the course was another squirrel name - Vaxjo. In the encyclopedia Britannica explained next two meanings of the word. First - Zoological and second: "the ancient indivisible Russian value, otherwise veverica, Vaxjo". Nicely said protein, Vaxjo, Russian value! Do not wonder about the squirrels mentions the Ipatiev chronicle: "imago on bele and veverica tacos from smoke. In Holmogory in the XVI century a thousand squirrel skins you can bargain for forty Efimov equivalent German silver thalers. Integer wealth.

...What no squirrels in the world! In Equatorial Africa solar proteins in the morning, sunbathing, lying on the branches. Live on the planet and a tiny mouse proteins - their tails shorter than five centimeters. There is real white proteins called beauties. They decorate the Indonesian forests and parks.

Yes and we have one of ordinary squirrel nature was not. The pine forests along the Irtysh and the Ob and in the South of the Tyumen region in the trees jumping big talucci (subspecies of common proteins). Don't think that this attack false TV: teleute proudly wore his name, when on Earth there was no TV. And still teleute silver-gray, like the color of the TV screen.

Experienced in systematics people claim that all protein is especially common that their upper predgornoi tooth less than the others and is similar to the column. Do we live in Transcaucasia Persian proteins such pillar is missing, for which she was given offensive name Sciurus anomalus, translated from the Latin as abnormal.

About our ordinary squirrel Brehm said that she Northern monkey. Compare and successfully, and no: monkeys too heavy. And our small graceful acrobat playfully swinging on a branch, grasping it with one arm, instantly turns and rushes skipping up the hole that slides up. Descends protein careful - claws not hold. Finally, a light, weightless jump on the ground, cross two or three dozen meters and again at the tree. (If necessary, without any for themselves mutilation fluffy dart frogs are jumping to the ground from wear high tops.)

Looking at all this, it is difficult to disagree with the characterisation of this protein I. Sokolov-Nikitova: "the most fun, Most agile and hectic animal in our forests..."

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