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The end of the light-sensitive nerves in the retina sparrows (called cones) have oily yellow-red droplets. These tiny droplets act as filters, attenuation of blue and green rays, so that the bird really sees the world in a rosy light. The field of view of each eye 150°, 50° more than we do, but the area that he sees two eyes, only 30°, and 150°. And yet "horizons" Sparrow wider. Is it because the old Sparrow on not caught with chaff?

Only in our automotive century it became known that, going on the offensive, Sparrow not squeaking and growling, like a miniature motorcycle. (Protruding burrs are not monopolists tweet; on the priority of transmission of information in such a way claims and herring - its schools make this sound quite clearly.) When Sparrow squeaking, or turns his head, he "stirs the ears" - the shape of the ear canal. With it you can completely remove the skin and tympanic membrane will remain in one piece. In fact, they are like a layer cake: the outer layer easily otklonyaetsya and removed the stocking together with the skin of the ear canal, which is lined relaxed ear, only it consists of feathers and poorly visible.

Sparrows - dashing guys. They are not averse to ride on a rotating antenna airfield radar, which shies other pernette, and dine quietly in the cage of a lion. Once in the Moscow zoo some reckless Sparrow flew near the lion's muzzle. Suddenly the king of the beasts has samkol mouth, and the guy disappeared in his mouth. However, mining accounted for the lion not to taste: he immediately wrinkled her nose and stuck her tongue out - it clutched Sparrow's feet. Wet ruffled Sparrow shook himself and was gone.

But in the judgment of the sparrows will not refuse: 'll know whether you want to catch them or just look at them. Sometimes caution is literally looks comical. In the Park Timiryazev Academy they all winter was afraid of brooms, which deliberately set near the trough. To whip up passerine nerves, it turned, it was replaced with a shovel. And these "reinsurers" hunger winter was afraid to come to the feeder, and bold Tits dined on a daily basis.

Still, the entrepreneurial spirit in birds more than fear. Once in Kerch Sparrow, not finding a roof over your head, climbed into the swallow's nest. The hosts tried to persuade him this way and that way, but the defendants refused to leave the territory. And was punished. Swallows invitingly cried, and help arrived a crowd of fellows. After a short discussion part of swallows have left the nest and did not give the usurper able to poke his nose. Other hastily flew and returned with a construction material. Within ten minutes, as the bird was walled up alive.

And another Sparrow, living in Kiev, on the contrary, showed the top of reasonableness. He had long suffered with someone's feathers, which could not stay in the socket. Cost to release the pen from his beak as he was carried away by the wind. And then birds struck: she flew to the puddle, dipped in her precious burden, and put where it belongs.

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