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Young sparrows before cold night in the trees. In the winter they will either get in the old nests, or precompute near warm pipes. Once in Alma-ATA, they made a residence in the tool box that was attached to the motor construction crane for labor day it was heated and night radiated heat.

The Sparrow is very hot - normal temperatures are above forty. Heart anywhere: for such crumbs it's a huge, the pulse is crazy: up to 860 per minute. Blood pressure high. The number of breaths about a hundred. In the cold he breathes more often stimulates teploobrazovanie processes. By reducing the temperature from 32 to 10° threefold increases the flow of oxygen, and an active part of the breathing process is and when you inhale and when you exhale. Oxygen in the tissues is used much more intensely than the bull or tiger. This contributes to the fact that the body temperature is very high, and the fact that oxygen is cleaved from avian hemoglobin easier than from hemoglobin mammals.

With downsizing rapidly increasing specific surface area of the body and, therefore, heat dissipation, and it makes you speed up your metabolism. The combustion of organic substances in the body grey fidgets can be compared to burning stove, and a slow, lazy oxidation process in mammals - with the smoldering tinder. The stove requires a lot of fuel: watery berries "slips" through Sparrow 10, butterfly for 15 minutes; beetle fully digested per hour. In the end, the Sparrow can't starve more than two days. Large birds such as vultures, not starve to death for a month. If in the summer the birds bully somehow regulates their menu, in the winter it absorbs all the more or less edible. And yet in his food no meat vertebrates. However, Italian sparrows hunted for small exergame.

Dead Sparrow tongue like a spoon in the sky over this spoon depression is a very convenient device for capture and retention of grains. Pancreas birds are relatively larger than in mammals. It is clear: it should help to quickly metabolize carbohydrates into heat energy, driving small wings.

In accordance with the International biological program was undertaken to compare the energy balance of house sparrows living in Gorky, and in the more Northern city of Perm, where in December, four degrees colder. When Gorky sparrows took in Perm, they quickly lost weight. The reason for this was the higher their body temperature than sparrows-aboriginal - its harder to maintain. And Perm sparrows moved in Bitter, felt great: their bodies are adapted to a harsher climate. It turned out that these immigrants more than the weight of the adrenal glands, more glycogen in the liver, the greater the intestines and esophagus. As a result, they quickly digest and hungry: three hours after awakening they'd managed to swallow two grams more than the old-timers. Two grams of fuel for such crumbs - no joke. It was also found that the thyroid gland Perm sparrows hard secretes thyroxin, which stimulates the oxidation accelerates the processing of proteins and fats. The Gorky sparrows all these processes are not as pronounced, and the poor, not to accept from Perm Morozov, have less to move, tried to conserve energy.

...Sparrows, "don't turn a hair", swallow pieces of bread soaked in hin or picric acid. But their flavor end, placed in the sky, well distinguish between sweet and salty. (By the way, they sometimes eat sodium chloride, chickens from salty food straight from the chicken go to the light.) Maybe these birds simply have got accustomed to bitter? For their main food - seeds - for centuries contain bitter substances.

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