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Little boy
In grey armacost
The courts prowling -
Crumbs collects,
In the fields of sleep -
Hemp steals...

In all likelihood, the ancient mystery of the mean field Sparrow: this bird folks on the "grey amecisco" dressed boys and girls, moms and dads. And to discover where Sparrow and where vorobie, not just such difficulties we've had with hedgehogs, pigeons and crows). Another thing, East adherents of a person living in the city,the house sparrows. Although they are very similar to the village relatives, but a little bigger, and most importantly - dressed differently. The Sparrow on the breast of the great dark spot, similar to baggy tie. And the city of vorobie such decorations are not. Attire are brighter in the spring, when it should be like vorobie: by this time of the year they nasivautcya white tips of black feathers on the breast and throat, and pigment tie becomes brighter. Modest wedding dress Sparrow is unlikely to come up with - it's just secondhand winter clothes.

Meticulous ornithologists estimate that in chic attire Swan exactly 25 216 feathers. Sparrows and here low cost - they 1359 leathers.

Sparrows carefully clean the feathers in water, sand or dust. Other birds priveredliva. One need only sand, the other only water. For example, lark would not be persuaded to take a bath in a puddle. And our hero agreeable. And though can't swim in the water climbs - flutter in a shallow puddle.

In wet armacost seemingly short and simple. But sparrows insured: nature has given them, however, like most birds, coccygeal gland under the tail. Bird beak gets out of it is a fat-like selection, smears on their feathers, and they are not wet. At the same time, once in the bill, these allocations provide the body with vitamins.

After my bath it is necessary to comb. And then it has its own rules. Sparrows and related birds to clean up the heads, lower wing and stick on top of his leg. Pigeons and chickens don't do that. They are itchy, as they say ornithologists, from under the wing... Themselves sparrows teasing feathers with pleasure, and any alien touch is perceived as unpleasant. So if you will get a Sparrow, not iron...

...To get rid of insects, sparrows, drags in the nest sprigs of wormwood - the contained volatile banish pesky mites and Phaedo. Drag and they watercress, and parsley, and even flower buds.

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