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Snake creeps on the field and eats everything... But wait, not all! If it hits a skull with crossbones, the game is over! But the snake can eat balls: you get points for it, and the snake longer. Sometimes bonuses are issued - squares with the number and flashing bulbs. Eating the box, the snake is shortened by the number of segments that were specified in the box. And flashing circle after eating magically acquires the color, which was last eaten a ball before. The game will end if the snake you hit your head in its own tail. What you need to do to avoid this? First, try to eat consistently balls of the same color. If the snake will eat 3 balls of the same color in a row, it will be shortened to 3 segments. And yet it is very beneficial to catch bonuses to stay strainingly! Another "bonus" in the game - the icon of a circle with an arrow. If the snake eats a "bonus"that will temporarily change back to Strachan keys to control the snake: if you have, for example, turn to the left. then you will have to press the arrow key pointing to the right!

To start the game, click on "Play the Game".

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