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The worm crawls under the ground, eats bonuses and growing! The goal is to grow fat (long) worm. This may prevent the collision with the wall or... with its own tail worm.

Control keys game:

Setting up game

START - Start game

Controls (Management game)

Directional Keys - Control the Snake - arrow Keys - control the movement of the worm

Spacebar - Pause the game - space bar - to put the game on pause

Options (game Settings)

Speed < 3 > Speed. The default speed is average (Average), it is possible to reduce (key <) or increase (key >)

Walls < on > - Wall: when set to On , the worm cannot crash into the wall (this loss), and when set to Off , the touch of the walls does not affect the game: worm just crawls through them and pours from the opposite point of the playing field.

Sound - the Sound (enable/disable by clicking on the speaker icon)

Score - the Score of the game

Level - The Level

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