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(in processing Century. And. Karnaukhova)

On the forest edge, in a warm house, there were three brother: the winged Sparrow, mouse shaggy da damn oil.

Sparrow from the field came the mouse from the cat ran away, the pancake from the pan ran away.

They lived, doing each other not hurt. All his work was done, the other helped. Sparrow food brought from fields of grain, forest mushrooms, beans from the garden. Mouse firewood chopped and damn cabbage soup and porridge cooked.

Well lived. Sometimes, the Sparrow come back from hunting, spring water washed, sit on a bench to rest. And the mouse wood pulls, table covers, spoons painted believes. And damn at the furnace - blush Yes lush - soup cooks, coarse salt pickles, porridge tastes.

Sit at the table - not nahasda. Sparrow says:

"Ah, the soup as soup, boyar soup as good Yes fat!

And damn him:

"And I, damn butter, dip in a pot let out - that soup and fat!

The Sparrow porridge, pohvalivaet:

- AI mess, what a mess - Gorazd hot!

And the mouse to him:

And I wood will navazo, finely Negrito in the oven I will just portray, tail razmetal - well in the oven, the fire is so hot!

- Yes, and I, said the Sparrow, " don't miss: gather mushrooms, beans will train you well fed!

So they lived for each other was praised, and was not offended.

Only once sleepy Sparrow.

"I - think - the whole day in the forest fly, legs beat, wings pats, and how they work? In the morning the pancake on the stove lies - luxuriates, and only in the evening for lunch is taken. And the mouse with morning wood lucky Yes nibbles, and then the oven will climb on the side will turn over and sleep until lunch. I'm from morning to night hunting - for serious work. Not to be more than this!"

Angry Sparrow - legs stomped, wings clapped and started to shout:

- Tomorrow the work will change!

Well, well, well. Damn Yes mouse see that there is nothing, that settled the matter. The next day in the morning damn he went hunting, Sparrow - chop some wood, and mouse - lunch cook.

Here is the pancake rolled into the forest. Rolling on the track and sings:

I butter the side,
On the sour cream mean,
The butter Garen!
I butter the side!

Ran, ran and met him a Fox Patrikeeva.

- Where are you going, blinok, running-in a hurry?

- Hunting.

- What you blinok, the song you sing?

Damn it dropped on the spot and began to sing:

I butter the side,
On the sour cream mean,
The butter Garen!
I butter the side!

- Singing is good, " says Fox Patrikeeva, and the closer is selected. - So, say, cream mean?

And damn her:

On the sour cream with sugar!

But the Fox to him:

- Jump up-jump, you say?

Yes as you jump, how will parknet, Yes as a catch for the carnival side - am!

And damn screaming:

"Let me go, Fox, dense forests, mushrooms, beans - on the hunt!

But the Fox to him:

"No, I'll eat you, eat you up, with sour cream, butter and sugar!

Damn fought, struggled, barely from Fox escaped - side teeth left - home run!

But at home that is!

Was the mouse soup cooking: whatever you believe, and soup all not fat, not good, not maslany.

"How - thinks - damn soup cooked? Ah, he's in the pot dive Yes swim out, and will become soup fatty!"

Took the mouse and rushed into the pot. He ovaries, aspalls, barely popped up! Coat povylazili, tail droma shaking. Sat on a bench Yes tears pouring.

The Sparrow wood was taken: it was Novosel, brought a Yes let's eat, small chips to break. Pecked, pecked, the beak on the side shattered. Sat down on the bench and tears pouring.

Ran the pancake to the house, saw a Sparrow sits on the bench - the beak to the side, tears Sparrow poured. Ran shit in the house - sits mouse on the bench, coat her povylazili, tail droma shaking.

As we saw, that pancake of Poloka eaten more than cried.

Here a pancake and says:

- It always happens when one is on the other nods, their case wants to do.

Then the Sparrow with shame under the bench to beat.

Well, nothing to do, cried-we grieved, and went back to live-live in the old way: Sparrow food to bring, mouse to chop firewood, and damn cabbage soup and porridge cooking.

So they live, gingerbread chew, medcom swallow, you remember.

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