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In some realm of state-there was a man - Fomka Barannikov - so strong Yes portly, that if you miss Sparrow Yes grabbed his wing, so he and his feet will fall down! Bad for him in this world, all his hurt, and he should have: "let me go wtoplus with grief!"

Coming to the swamp; he saw his frog and jumped into the water.

"Wait, " thinks Fomka, " I won't drown: and I am afraid!"

Came back home, took the arable land to spiritsa; and the horse he was bad at work martyred; rubbed her clamp the neck to the blood, and clung to her horseflies Yes flies visible-invisible! Fomka came as hit palm - in one fell swoop hundred parivahan! and says:

- Oh, Yes I'm the hero! Don't want to work, want to fight!

The neighbors laugh at him:

"You fool, to fight; you fit the pigs feed to give!

There it was: called Fomka hero, took the stupid and sometimes that Lucio will scopeout, put on an old coat and high Alomar, mounted his horse and rode in an open field stupa reduce. In an open field, vril in the ground post and wrote on it:

- Food fight in other city - in one fell swoop hundred parivahan!

Just had to pull out, ridden to post two mighty warrior, read the label and say:

What a hero! Where did he go? The Lope valiant old trail athletic't see. Ran over him on the road; saw them Fomka and asks:

- Who are you are?

- Peace to you, my good man! We selenamarie heroes.

And since heads immediately cut?

One says:

- Five.


- Ten.

- What you selenamarie heroes? You just suck! Now I'm so hero: in one fell swoop hundred parivahan!

- Receive us into friends, whether we older brother.

"Perhaps, " says Fomka, " go back. Was attached to him selenamarie heroes and went all together in the protected meadows Royal. Come, have laid rest to take, and horses allowed Shelkovo grass to nibble.

Sooner or soon, the story is told, not soon to do - saw their king.

"Well, " he said, " for such ignorant in my meadow lazing around? Doseluva here or beast, not Paraskevas or bird not prolative, and now come for a visit!

Now gathered a great army and gives the order to clear their meadows reserved.

There is force-army untold; saw the mighty heroes, reported about named elder brother, and he will answer them:

"Go on, periodates let me see - what is your courage?

Here they sat on their powerful horses, sprinted them to the army of Frazee, flew as clear falcons on a flock of pigeons, pretotal, perobelli every one of them.

"It is not okay!" thinks the king; again gathers a great army, almost twice as old, and in front of all the troops sends a strong giant head that beer boiler, your forehead flap, and that the mountain itself!

Sat Fomka on his horse, went forward and said to the giant:

"You're selenology hero, and I - is the same! Not honor, praise be to us, good fellows, if you will fight, not after! Beforehand we need each other bow to give, and then fight.

"Okay! "says the giant. Parted and they began to bow. While the giant lowered his head, half an hour passed time; and another half an hour it is necessary to raise it.

Fomka small but fine, didn't want to wait, it took you a thousand times, and flew head from his shoulders down.

Army trembled and were scattered in different directions; and Fomka climbed on a powerful horse, let's catch up Yes horse to trample. Nothing to do, obeyed the king sent to call themselves selenological hero Thomas Barannikova and two smaller brothers. Gave them, was uchastvoval the glory, gave Tomko his daughter, the Princess and gave my Kingdom for her dowry.

Sooner or soon, the story is told, not soon to do - rises under the realm of the infidel king with the powers untold, requires Dani-CMO great. Did not want the king to pay tribute to the CMO great, dressed his army brave, put-in-law's head and firmly ordered that all Tomko watched what he would do, and they would then did.

Starred Fomka and went to fight. He goes forest, the army behind him. He cut himself birch, and the soldiers cut down on the birch. Came to a deep river - bridge there, and crawled two hundred miles; Fomka threw his birch into the water, and the soldiers dropped their there, stopped up the river and crossed to the other side.

Infidel king dwelt in strong city. Fomka stopped in front of the city, built a fire, stripped all naked sitting Yes heated; the soldiers saw immediately Naturali the wood, chopped the wood, lit bonfires around the net field.

- Eat though! said Fomka Barannikov, pulled out of the bag butter cake and began to be. Out of nowhere - came a dog, pulled out the cake and let God her legs! Fomka grabbed a hot firebrand and how was naked and went for it: at full speed running Yes all the throat shouting:

- Keep! Hold!

Looking at him, and the soldiers sat by the fire, naked, and then jumped from our seats, grabbed hot embers and ran after him.

The dog was Royal, rushed right into the city at the Palace; Fomka for dog soldiers for Tomkow: all that fall under the arm, harness and fire without mercy.

Raised in the city of turmoil; the king does not know what to do with fear, began to seek reconciliation. Fomka on it do not agree; and he took the king prisoner, and conquered the whole Kingdom.

Came back from a hike - the king met him with great honor: the music played, the bells rang, the cannon roared, and went feast! And I was there, honey wine is drank, would flow through moustache, mouth, missed; I ate the cabbage, and the belly was empty. Gave me a cap, steel yard push; gave me Shlyk, and I'm in the driveway sniff! Gave me a blue-coat; fly Tits Yes cry:

Blue-coat, blue-coat!

And I heard: "take off the coat!" Folded and left on the road.

Gave me red boots; fly crows scream Yes:

Red boots, red boots!

And I heard: "Stolen boots!" Lifted and dropped.

Gave me a horse wax, lash pea, the bridle Rapanui; I saw the man in the barn to dry, tied the horse - it is melted, whip the chickens have pecked, and the bridle pigs ate!

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