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In a certain country there lived a king Karthaus, and he was in the service of the twelve heroes. And the most powerful and important of the twelve heroes were worshiped Prince named Lazarus Lazarevich. And no amount of trying other heroes, none of them could duels to win Lazarus Lazarevic. And that's turned him twenty years. Parents were told:

- The time has come for the son of the family to get!

Yes, and the Lazarus Lazarevich to marry was not averse, only the bride to choose just can't: that the father, the mother does not like the groom not Lyuba. And as time went on. And became Lazarus Lazarevich to ask parents:

"Let me in the journey. Want to white light to see and be seen.

Parents to argue. And so took his leave of a good man with my father, mother and left Kartashova Kingdom.

Sooner or later, close whether, how far is the journey continued - arrived Lazarus Lazarevich in a foreign Kingdom. And in that Kingdom all the people in the great depression-sadness: kill-cry everything from small to large. He asks:

- What's your trouble-the misery? What all the people twit?

"Oh, my good fellow, don't you know our grief, " I told him. - Got into the habit in our Kingdom sea snakes to fly, and ordered every day by the person in his mercy to send. And if you do not obey, threatens all our towns and villages to burn - common roll them along. Today saw one girl, were taken to the seashore, to be eaten by a sea monster.

Hero did not become any more to ask, spurred his horse and galloped to the sea shore. In a short time saw it sitting on the shore girl, crying bitterly. Drove up to her Lazar Lazarevic:

"Hello, little girl-soul!

Lifted the girl head, looked at him and said:

- Go on, my good man, here quick. Get out now, out of the sea snakes will eat me, and you live not to be.

Not to face me, the girl is beautiful, from the snake to escape, but to relax hunt: tired in the way. I will vsdemo, and you, as soon as the snakes will appear immediately waken me.

Dismounted, lay on the grass-the ant and fell asleep strong powerful dream.

Many do, little time has passed, suddenly became agitated sea, she heard raised a big wave. The serpent sea is stirred up. And took the girl to Wake alien warrior. And Lazarus Lazarevich asleep, not waking up.

At that time the serpent emerged from the water, went ashore. Cried the girl bitter tears, and dropped one tear athlete on the face. He woke up, he saw a snake.

Snakes smirks:

- Eco as today restabilise: instead of one person two led, and horse napravo!

And not choke if one me, foul beast? - cried the hero and rushed at the serpent. Began mortal combat, bloody battle.

They fought long-ratios. And became Lazarus L. notice that tired snakes, began to weaken. Here the hero managed to hit the monster, and with such force hit him damask sword that completely compartment snake head.

Went then to the girl, and she is living with fear. Called to it. The girl was delighted:

- Oh, never thought I live to stay and you alive, unharmed to see! Thanks, that saved me from a cruel death, and I pray thee, good fellow, don't know the name, name, name, go to my parents. There father will reward you!

Award me no need, and to the father-mother to take you.

First the girl helped him to sit down, and then he sat on the horse. Came to town. Father and mother had seen from the window of the daughter did not believe his eyes. Ran out to meet. Laugh and cry with joy.

Can it be that cruel serpent spared you, my baby?! Or today only - released again to see us, to weep?

- That's what saved me from dashing death, " answered the girl, and pointed to the Lazarus Lazarevic. He killed the damn snake.

Father and mother did not know how to thank hero. By the hand led him into the white stone house, sat at the table in the place of honor. On the table was guided all Kosarev and drink different. Eat, drink, what your heart desires.

And after the bread-and-salt father began to ask:

"Tell me, brave knight, than thank you?

Lowered my good fellow Bueno head, paused, then looked at the parents and girl-beauty:

Not progenies me for my words. I am the Prince of glorious Kartashova Kingdom. My name is Lazarus Lazarevich. Live as long as it is single, not married. Your daughter is beautiful to my heart fell, and if I love her, bless us under the crown to go. It would be for me the greatest reward.

Heard these words, the girl, looked down, blushed, as poppies color.

But the father said:

"You, my dear Lazarus Lazarevich, I like, like fell and daughter oppression will not, and will she not take. As she would say, so be it. Don't take my words for the offense. Well, what do you say, daughter dear?

More than ever flushed beauty and quietly said:

- So since it's time for me to nest, so, you see, so be it. I Lazarus Lazarevich, my deliverer.

- And the bride agrees, so my mother and even more so to thwart the will not, " said the father. For our blessing will not object.

And soon began the fun percom Yes for the wedding.

The wedding was celebrated, the feast was operovali, and after the wedding Lazarus Lazarevich took his young wife to his Kingdom.

At the end of the first year was born to them a son. Called him Jeruslaem. Grew eraslan not by days but by hours, if the dough on the dough was rising. In three years was as a decade.

And he began at the Royal court pobeguini, boyar children became the game to play. And force him was excessive, and he's young and nesmirennosti joked with boyar children jokes bad: will grab someone by the hand - the hand away, one for the leg will get hold of a leg torn off.

Come nobles to the king Karthaus, complaining:

We are in great grievance. Son of Lazarus Lazarevic kills, cripples our children. In games restraint't know who's hand, who's leg was torn off. Check these our tears, sir! Order of Ruslana Lazarevic in prison to jail or let him leave our Kingdom. Listened to Lazarus Lazarevich Royal order, he put Bueno head below his powerful shoulders and went home in great sorrow.

- What is it, Lazarus Lazarevich, you trociny? he met his wife. Or what is the trouble-the misery happened?

Told Lazarus Lazarevich about the Royal order and said:

- Isn't the trouble-the misery?

Bitter wife began to cry. And eraslan Lazarevich all heard the conversation, came up to the parents, bowed politely, and said:

Not progenies at me, father and mother, malicious intent, I did not hold when playing with boyar children, and your guilt in there. And if the king Karthaus ordered me to leave the Kingdom, so, you see, so be it. And one thing more: to get me the damask sword in my hand, feats armor and horse.

- Do we have enough horses in the stable? said Lazarus Lazarevich. And swords and armor feat is full Armoury peace, know choose?

- Armor and sword, I will pick up in arms alone, " replied eraslan Lazarevich, but the horse I have in the barn was not found. Every one has experienced. Withdraw grooms what is it, throw on withers hand right on her knees fall. Such me not to go.

"Well, then go in the protected meadows. There Frol shepherd guards my horses. Horses in herds unbroken, and there will choose a horse for yourself, " said Lazarus Lazarevich.

And began to gather, equip Ruslana Lazarevic. Picked it armour athletic, arm yourself found damask sword and spear dalgarno, took Seelze Circassian, patnick, Volochek, the bridle up da whip belt. Took leave of her father, with her mother and went on our way.

Went out of the city and was sooner or close whether, how far is it and came to the protected meadows. Across the road is beaten. In the width of the road is a horse not to slip. "Who is this road goes? thought eraslan Lazarevich. "Let me sit on the sidelines, wait."

Much, little did I stayed and saw: running on the road, a herd of horses. The herd just ran, followed by another, still more, jump. And following the herd goes. He compared it with Ruslana Lazarevic and said:

- Hello, Eraslan Lazarevich! Why are sitting here? Whom do you expect?

- And who are you? And why do you know my name?

Yes like me you don't know! Because I serve a herd your parent Lazarus Lazarevic. Happy Eraslan Lazarevich:

"My father was natecal to go in the protected meadows horse to choose. We have in the barn all koneski not a beefy1. Which will leave the hand on the shoulder, and he falls on his knees. Those horses don't wear me. Not me, Polushka, horse to get age your good to remember will.

- Don't grieve, eraslan Lazarevich, the case will cost. I have a horse in mind. Athletic horse. When drinking water, lake waves, as if in a storm, surging, with trees leaves fall off. Just don't know whether you caught it? If caught may be able to hold the horse you will submit to that will scent the rider. Here he is ahead of the first herd with watering runs look!

Swept the herd by, and the Keeper says:

"Let's go to the lake, I will show you where the horse drinking water, and you tomorrow morning sit there in ambush and wait. The next morning he was lurking eraslan Lazarevich and waited. Hear: the earth began to tremble, there was a horse top closer and closer... And then rode past the first watering the herd. All front - horse-fire: eyes sparks throws, from nostrils flame, ears, smoke martagon rises. Wandered in knee-deep water and began to drink. In the lake the waves rose, on the banks of the trees and the leaves fell.

Drunk horse, and only jumped ashore, as Ruslan Lazarevich grabbed his right hand on the mane, and left the bridle holds. Rose horse and fell hooves, the earth trembled, but to escape from the hands of the hero and could not quietened down, smelled the present owner.

- That way-it is better, Orosz Prophetic! He vanosdol it, took occasion in his hands, took me there, where the saddle Yes armor lay.

Straddled eraslan Lazarevich Orosa prophetic, put on the armor feats.

At this time came to the waterhole Frol the shepherd:

- See bow you horse! Managed to cope.

"Thank You Very Polushka! Have rendered me a service. Age will remember!

Thus they parted. Saw the dog as a good fellow on the horse, sat down, and didn't notice as he eyes disappeared, only the dust has Savalas, though it was not.

Rode eraslan Lazarevich day or two and went on a wide field. Looks: what? All field strewn with dead bodies. Lies with the field army-power broken. Loud cried eraslan Lazarevich:

- Is there, alive at least one person?

Said the voice:

- I the only one who survived out of all our troops!

Drove eraslan and asks:

Tell us, who was beaten, had fought your army?

- Ivan, the Russian athlete, " said wounded warrior.

"Where now Ivan, the Russian athlete?

Come at noon, maybe it will catch up. He went to fight with our other troops. Eraslan Lazarevich turned his horse and rode. Was driving sooner or later and went to a large field - wide expanse. And in this field lies beaten army-force.

Again the hero cried with a loud voice:

- If there is someone living there, answer!

Lifted by one person:

- What do you want, knight? I'm the only one alive and left out all of our troops.

- Whose is beaten army and who you have fought?

- Here lies the army theodolus of Smolenova. And broke-they fought us Ivan, the Russian athlete.

- Where is he now, Ivan, the Russian athlete?

Yes you see pococi horse of giant: the whole hills of earth from under the hooves throwing. Keep this escopeta and, if the horse you frisky, will catch it.

Thanked eraslan Lazarevich warrior and went around the field in the direction that led iskopati. He drove day and two from the morning until the evening and on the third day saw the green meadow tent Belopolsky. Near the tent powerful horse eats wheat. Eraslan Lazarevich was Russell, desnusdas his horse and started at will. Orosz Prophetic immediately went to the wheat and also began to eat.

Included eraslan Lazarevich into the tent and sees: sleeping in the tent sound sleep Ivan, the Russian athlete. Jumped was eraslan for the sword, Yes I thought, "No, not honor me, and shame on sleepy hand to raise, but to the road need to relax". Thought so and he fell to sleep.

First woke up Ivan, the Russian athlete. Woke up and saw the intruder. Became his Wake:

- Arise, awake, awake, my good fellow?

Ruslan L. rose, and Ivan, the Russian athlete, says:

- Though you went to sleep in my tent uninvited, the uninvited, but Kee a do not carry. In our Russian custom, if a guest is staying Yes no pakosta, guests always honor and place. And you, apparently, evil thoughts do not hold. Sit down with me bread-salt to taste Yes tell me who you is? Whose birth, any cities, as some call to call you?

I on the glorious Kingdom Kartashova. Call me eraslan Lazarevich. About you, Ivan, the Russian athlete, heard a lot, and wanted you to meet. Drove by your trail for many days, Vidal beaten you rati theodolus of Smolenova. Was mnil I am the strongest warrior, and now without a fight see - you're stronger than me. Whether I called my older brother!

Blended Ivan-Russian warrior and eraslan Lazarevich, drank a glass of green wine, ate road supplies and began the conversation to continue. Asks Ruslan Lazarevich:

"Tell me, brother named, why do you strike-ratisse with king Peoblem Meulenbeek? What has brought him so many troops?

'Why, dear Ruslan Lazarevich, I was not to fight, not turn? Did we love each other with red damsel-soul, daughter theodolus of Smolenova, and I came in his Kingdom honor for honor, for good cause, on matchmaking. And theodolus Meulenbeek caused great honor parugu, began to quarrel, shouting: "to Know de his, proligo, I do not know, to know I do not know the eye is not the forest. Soon on your Kingdom war goes, the whole of Russia will paveyy and Russian heroes in full will." And sent me towards the army. Attacked my army well-known case: who is the first sword raised by the sword and die. And beat, had I fought Smolenova army, and after he sent another. And you know what happened. So I decided to tell him: "Very wrong of you, Theodoulos Meulenbeek, his power had hoped! Boasted that Russia will pooyesh, heroes of the Russian polonici. And didn't do. So isn't it better for us to tamirisa while the going's good? Give your daughter will for me, and not the power of will." Come with me, eraslan Lazarevich, my dear brother, to the capital city theodolus of Smolenova. If you become a wedding to play at the wedding POPs. He filled the heroes and went. Came to town on propria2, and blew Ivan, the Russian athlete, in a battle horn.

Rode vershnik from suburban outposts to the king:

- Ivan, the Russian athlete, just propria from the city worth it. And with it came some strange hero.

Alarmed Theodolus Meulenbeek:

- Oh, what trouble! He's one of two armies broke, and now, if there are two of them, all of our Kingdom in ruin ruin!

Then little by little recovered herself, tears from the warm stove, the crown put on, straightened:

"Hey, servants! Call Queen rather, go with bread and salt to meet, maybe tamirisa. He sent his princes Yes boyars: - Go to the Outpost, keep Ivan, the Russian hero in town, and my Queen will meet at the gate.

With honours Yes with bread and salt met called brothers.

- What is between us is past is past, let that will parastat, " said the king, " and we're with the Queen rageragerage honor of in honor of the guests to take. Tore open in the Palace of the table, and went to the feast. And in a short time and the wedding began to play. At the wedding feast eraslan Lazarevich took the time and asked the bride of Ivan, the Russian hero:

A beautiful Princess, is there anyone more beautiful than you?

Embarrassed she these words:

- About me is the glory that I am beautiful, but now, heard, far away, in the fairy state live three sisters, the youngest of three beautiful sisters to me.

- And I do not hear you, who, in addition to Ivan, the Russian hero, thy wife, stronger than me?

- About you and about your strength and courage, eraslan Lazarevich, also rolls glory throughout the earth. But the rumor goes that in the glorious Indian Kingdom stands on the Outpost thirty years hero Ivashka White cloak3, Saracen cap. They say he was a hero of heroes, and which of the two of you stronger, about the fact I can't tell, and nobody can, as long as you forces will not compete.

He thanked the beautiful Princess, and their conversation ended. And when the wedding feast was operovali was eraslan Lazarevich to say goodbye to his step-brother Ivan, a Russian hero, and his young wife. They persuade:

- Guests would have anything.

"No, thank you! I have segestica, my Orosz Prophetic rest, and time for the path to continue. Saddled horse, put on his powerful armor and went to distant lands, in trilisate state. Rides eraslan day from morning till night, with the red sun up to sunset. And so for many days the journey is continued.

Arrived in trilisate state, where lived his beautiful sisters. The horse was tied to a turned newel post, gilded ring, asked stern, and went on carved porch: knock-knock-knock!

The door was opened by a girl Polivka, asks:

- Who you are is? What for granted? How about you be told?

- Say: come de knight of the glorious Kartashova Kingdom. And call me eraslan Lazarevich. I have three beautiful sisters to see.

Ran hay girl, without delay came to him three sisters, one better than the other.

- Welcome, my good fellow. Welcome to the room!

First of all put the guest at the table, pointed in front of him all Kosarev and drinks. Watered, fed.

Got eraslan Lazarevich from the table, politely three girls bowed:

For a treat thank you! Now see yourself: no wonder the rumor around the globe is rolling, that there is no one more beautiful than you Yes friendlier!

Sisters at these words, eyes lowered, blushed, flushed, then looked at each other and said to the visitor:

Thank you for the gentle word, a kind eraslan Lazarevich! But only in vain, we first beauties. Here in Vakhrameeva Kingdom Princess, daughter of king Kahramaa, is the real beauty. All Martha Vakhrameeva took. And growth, and doradztwa, and uhouston. Her eyes with Povoacao, eyebrows black, sable, goes like a Swan floats! Here she is from the beauties beauty.

- About your wisdom, too, is the rumor. And now I want to ask you, fair sister, I do not hear you, who is the strongest hero in the world?

Hearing of world events, they say. - There is a glory about Ivan, a Russian hero. Say about him that he is the most strong and brave.

- Ivan, the Russian hero, I know. He called me big brother.

And about your strength and courage, our guest dear, " continued the maiden, the word has come to us before you come. Yes, that's still a lot of talk about a strong hero the Ivashka White cloak. Saracen cap. He is thirty years on the Outpost in the glorious Indian Kingdom. Well, apparently we had.

Spoke with a lovely sisters eraslan Lazarevich, thanked them for bread, salt and said goodbye.

Went out of town and thought: "a Lot of the time I travel and don't know what the house is going on. Should go home, father abusive to visit. And at the same time ask for blessings to marry. After going to Vakhrameeva Kingdom Yes I will marry Martha Vakhrameeva". Turned Orosa prophetic and went to Kartashova Kingdom. Rides eraslan Lazarevich and goes: day and night - the day away. As Orosz Prophetic will automaat, then rosselet will rassuzdaet horse, feed himself and get some rest, and then with renewed vigor the path continues. And finally, it became to their native places to drive. In the impatience of a horse Phuket and soon saw afar the capital city Kartashova Kingdom. Drove up the hill, looks, and eyes don't believe. Around town somebody's troops visible-invisible. The city from all sides troops surrounded. The horsemen are riding greyhounds horses, and walking to the gate looms. "What deesa?" "he thought. Only had the hill to go down, met him Frol-GH. Away from the capital city goes.

- Hello, Polushka!

The Keeper stopped the horse, learned of Ruslana Lazarevic said Hello.

"Do you know, " asks the hero, - whose army-a force so great to our city rises?

- Oh, Eraslan Lazarevich! I went from the protected meadows in the city on a farmstead to your parents, Prince Lazar Lazarevic, Yes was in full is not pleased. Thank you, the horse was rescued, I rode from their enemies, and that's driving away from the city back to the protected meadows. Whether it is trouble-attack happened. Has risen further, to our capital city Prince Danila White with countless regiments of horse and foot troops, and our king Kartause heroes, in addition to Prince Lazar Lazarevic, in the city there is none. Who where left. He locked himself king with the boyars Yes citizens, outside the walls, hide, either in town or out of town travel there, and threatens Daniel White all the Kingdom to ruin.

See eraslan Lazarevich: defend the Kingdom no one. Yes and troops from Daniel White overtaken hematoma. Broke the heart of a valiant, restudies shoulder bogatyrko: he was whipped with a whip, Orosa prophetic and rode to town.

Saw enemies: jump right on them hero. Alarmed, gibberd:

- The hero goes to Kartause to the rescue!

The Prince Danila White led riders to meet and shouts:

- Take him alive, lads!

And eraslan Lazarevich dispersed horse and like a whirlwind flew into Danilina riders. Hack sword and stabs the spear right and left, and Orosz Prophetic breast horses knocks, riders defeated hooves trampled. And soon the whole field has usuales bodies. The rest of the horsemen, who had ran away.

At that time saw Ruslan Lazarevich the Daniel White, overtook him, struck with the blunt end of the spear Dolgolenko and slipped out of the saddle... Stepped on his chest Orosz Prophetic. Cried the Prince Danila:

"Leave me alive, the brave, the mighty hero! The oath give that neither one of my warrior will not go beyond the ever-powici border Kartashova Kingdom! To your children and grandchildren will order not to fight with your Kingdom.

"So be it, " said Ruslan Lazarevich, but, if ever the oath will break, then will be no mercy!

- Age your generosity will be remembered, and my oath will not break! said Daniel White, rose to his feet, immediately ordered to lift the siege and led his troops away from Kartashova Kingdom.

The city saw: go to enemy troops. And suddenly cried out:

"But it was eraslan Lazarevich, son of Prince Lazar Lazarevic!

News of this soon reached Lazarus Lazarevic and to the king himself.

Mother and father and king Karthaus with others boyars came out of the main gate and with great honor met Ruslana Lazarevic. Mother joy cried and hugged her son. King Karthaus began to weep and said:

- Do not know how to thank you, eraslan Lazarevich, because you saved us all and our capital city. And for the old, long-standing grudges on me don't hold. The case in the past. And now welcome guest need to feed, water!.. Roll a barrel of wine with honey blond! - the king has ordered. - May we all enjoy and celebrate the power and joy of the glorious, mighty warrior of Ruslana Lazarevic!

Three days of the feast continued. And on the fourth day eraslan Lazarevich thanked the king Kartause for the meal, low the father, the mother bowed and said:

- How long we were apart. Many different lands and cities I've seen, but still not to sit me at home. Hunting for another white light to see and be seen. Let me go, my dear father and mother! And if you happen to meet narrowing give parental blessing.

Mother and father to rebuke did not. Blessed son, and began to collect in the way.

- Will not keep this Falcon in the parental home. He himself was young, I know myself! said Lazarus Lazarevich. "Let him run, will potushitsya!

Straddled eraslan Lazarevich his Orosa prophetic, put on the armor of the giant, left home and went.

He left his city and thought: "First I will go into the glorious Indian Kingdom, will see what kind of hero Ivashka White cloak. Saracen cap. And then in Vakhrameeva Kingdom come. Hunting to see Martha Vakhrameeva".

Rode eraslan sooner or close whether, how far it began to drive to the glorious Indian Kingdom. Watching: ahead of the gate, and near the gate spotlit hero. "For all to see, this is the hero Ivashka White cloak, Saracen hat," he thought eraslan Lazarevich. Came very close, and the hero and the ear does not asleep, snoring and her. Leaned eraslan from the saddle and threw Sagnol his belt whip.

- That way if the post stand, the Kingdom guard? Here who want to pass, will pass, and you are sleeping, lazing around!

Ivashka White cloak, Saracen cap jumped to his feet and angrily shouted:

- Who you are is? For Mace grabbed. - By me-and that was nearly thirty years ago, as the beast had not slipped, the bird is not flying and no one passed! And you wanted me to joke jokes are bad, whip to beat dared! I'm you in the palm of his hand lay, and another murder, and will remain from you wet! Go out in the field, I'll fix!

Saddled horse, put on his armor, and they rode in an open field in the death game play, the power to stand. And only the first time they came, how to hit eraslan Lazarevich enemy blunt end of a spear, and immediately slipped out of the saddle. And Orosz Prophetic stepped foot on his chest. Differently spoke Ivashka White cloak, Saracen cap:

- Do not put me to death, glorious, mighty warrior! Himself now see the power I have against your half and less. Yes and years, my go, but you're still only maturity start. Let's popitaemsya. If you were me older brother named!

- At your death I gain no, " answered eraslan Lazarevich, " and the glory about you in vain dissolved. Hercules you're not beefy. Get up! And took away Orosa prophetic.

Rose Ivashka White cloak, Saracen hat, bowed called brother in the waist, and said:

- Come over here in glorious Indian Kingdom! For you the way open. Pogost our king. Eraslan Lazarevich turned his horse, went straight to the capital city and soon entered the Royal court. He Russell, desnusdas Orosa prophetic, tied at the stake sharpened at gilt ring.

The king sat at the window and saw, as he came to the courtyard outlandish knight. Went on a carved porch, met the hero kindly, tenderly and carried on the conversation like this:

"Welcome, dear guest, not recover, don't know how to call you-call! Whose going genera, from which country?

Hero politely greeted him and said:

- I'm from the glorious Kartashova Kingdom, the son of Prince Lazar Lazarevic, and call me eraslan Lazarevich.

With these words came up on the porch. The king led him into the room, fed, watered, about the way he asked, and then said:

- That's how nice that visited me. We each good guest happy, and such a hero, what you are, I in the Palace of honour and place! And now with the road, I expect to enjoy hunting. Hey, anybody there? - slapped the king in the palm of your hand.

Resorted to the call of the servant.

- Take a guest into the chamber and prepare everything so that he offended not left!

Visited eraslan Lazarevich Indian king, thanked him for the meal and went way to continue. Goes and thinks: "Learned, what is a glorified hero Ivashka White cloak, Saracen hat, had a chat and affectionate, hospitable king of the glorious Indian kingdoms, and now will go to Vakhrameeva Kingdom. Still there is no me and no peace as long as your eyes will not see Martha Vakhrameeva". Rides eraslan by-road, day, another and a third. To Vakhrameeva Kingdom left hand: some day drive.

At that time he met him, the wanderer, Kalika wanderings. Took wanderer hood of the Greek land, worshipped hero:

- Common't Wake, eraslan Lazarevich!

Surprised hero, asks:

- Who you are is? See, you know me, if called by name!

- I - Kalika wanderings. Wander all lands, in all cities. Visited Kartashova Kingdom, frequented by your parents, many times you have seen. Passed I recently passed Kartashova Kingdom and have lead a sad, sad. Warrior with horse jumped, impatiently grabbed the stranger by the shoulder:

- Rather say what is happening with us in the Kingdom? Whether the father with the mother? Alive, healthy, do they!

"Wait, eraslan Lazarevich, don't shake me! That, and the hand will tear! At home you have trouble happened. Prince Daniel White took the time and attacked by surprise with the infinite army of Many people broke-decided, and more in full hijacked. The capital city was burned down, destroyed, not a stone was left. King Kartause, your parent Lazarus Lazarevic Yes some of the others boyars captured alive, gouged out their eyes. Took the blind in his Principality, in prison imprisoned. They still languish.

Listened to Ruslan Lazarevich all that said the stranger lowered his head and said:

"Ah, quite in vain I then Daniel White left alive! The earth he ate, he swore not to fight with the Kingdom of Cartaya, I believe! And he won what he had done! Paid off my kindness. Well, wait, will pay you! Now will be no mercy!

With these words he sprang up on his horse, and said goodbye to kalekoy Perachora and rushed to the Principality of Daniel White.

Arrived, found the prison, where sat the parents, the king Karthaus and near the boyars. Watch pitched, russvynyl, the lock was broken and my front door shouted:

"Hello, light heart parents, mother and father! Hello, your Majesty, king Karthaus, and you boyars neighbors!

Hear in response:

- Thy voice to hear, but who says we do not see! Blind we dark!

Here spoke the mother of the hero:

- Though I do not see you, and the voice of the learned, and the heart feels is the son of our dear, eraslan Lazarevich!

"You are right he is, " said Lazarus Lazarevich. "Here, son gracious, how great and terrible sorrow fell upon us. All lost and even white light is not visible. Well not about this now speech. Over mountains, over seas, close whether, how far it himself there had never been, but from the faithful people have heard - is the Kingdom, and ruled the Kingdom of Fire shield. Flaming spear. There is the Kingdom of the well of living water. Soluri you service: go to the Fire shield. Ardent copy, bring the water of life, spisni our wounds, and we progream.

- To go-then I will go to the Fire shield, Flame up, " answered the knight, " but the first thing Daniel White to find.

With these words came a good man out of prison. And at that time, as long as eraslan Lazarevich with the prisoners talked, ran to Daniel White prison guard:

- Oh, Prince! Some strange hero all the guards in the prison yard broke! I'm the only one alive left.

Not otherwise, as the son of Lazarus Lazarevic, " said Daniel White. Rather raise the alarm, gather the troops in the city!

And I thought to myself: "In prison-it's the easiest to beat. Soon-hastily donned his battle armor, jumped on his horse and led his army.

And eraslan Lazarevich meanwhile went from the prison yard to the square and saw the Prince's army. If the kite on the chickens, he rushed for a team of Daniel White. Who by the sword get - up truck air bags ruin, but someone with a spear out of the saddle makes. Orosz Prophetic chest of the enemy horses tilt, hooves warriors trampled. And soon broke, they fought Ruslan all this army. Survived combatants does little, and they rushed off.

Here and noticed eraslan Lazarevich galloping away Daniel White.

"You are what I need! - he shouted, and spurred his horse and ran after the Prince-invader. And how is he his horse nor whipped, Orosz Prophetic soon overtook him. Eraslan Lazarevich kicked Daniel White from the saddle and cut off his head.

- Thin grass of the field!

Turned his horse, came to the prison.

- Leave everything to the will, hop over as long as the Palace of Daniel White!..

Then said the king Kartause:

Local Principality have to ascribe to our Kingdom. And you get in line to the throne of Daniel White and live in this city, until you bring the living water. Our-the capital city while still destroyed when built. And went to the Kingdom of Fire shield, Flame up.

Rode eraslan, rode, and spread before him a wide field. But the field is broken army-force. Stentorian voice shouted hero:

"Hey, does this field, at least one man live?

"What do you want? "said one soldier.

- Tell me who broke it big?

- All of our army-force beat Ruslana-hero.

"Where is he, Ruslana-hero?

- Will go far, will see another field with a beaten army. He's laying there dead.

Passed hero beaten army, drove a short distance and ran to another field, which was also littered with bodies. "This battle a lot more than the first one," he thought, and suddenly saw a big hill. Drove closer and diva was given - it was not a hill, and huge as hay MOP, head down. Cried:

- Is there anyone alive?

No one said anything. Cried again, and again no response. And only when the third time he shouted, opened the head, eyes, yawned and said:

"Who are you? And what do you want?

- I'm from the glorious Kartashova Kingdom. Call me eraslan Lazarevich. Want to know whose it is beaten army-force? And where is the mighty hero of Ruslana?

- Hero of Ruslana I am, the head is responsible, and the troops that lay on the ground and in this field, led the king of Fire shield, Flame spear. He led his brigade against me, and I broke, they fought, but I myself, as you can see, are broken.

"How did it happen? You both rati beat-decided, and he fell chopped?

Many years ago, when I was still quite small, " said the head, " the king of Fire shield, Flame spear with a large army attacked by surprise on our Kingdom. And the king we had at my father. He gathered hastily a small team and went out to meet them. Boil the battle, bloody battle. Have Fire shield, fire up the troops there were many more, and he won. Many of our soldiers died. My father was captivated, and the king of Fire shield. Flaming spear killed him.

And when I grew up and became strong hero, they decided to take revenge on the Fire shield. Ardent copy. Learned of this witch that lived in our Kingdom, and tells me: "the King of Fire shield, Flame spear is a very strong hero, but also a magician, and to beat him you will be able, if they can get the sword kladenets. The sea-ocean, on the island of Buyan, high on a mountain by the old oak tree there is a cave. In that cave, and immured in ancient times magic sword kladenets. Only with this sword and you can defeat the Fire shield. Ardent copy".

Much work put I long wandered, but the magic sword kladenets got up and went to the Kingdom of Fire shield. Ardent copy. He sent against me army-force. And when I this army broke-they fought, he gathered another army-a force greater than the first, and he led me towards. Agreed we are here on this very field. I was beating them, as grass mowing, and which the horse tramples on. And soon a few of them remained alive. And the Fire shield. Flaming spear jumped me, yells, "Now you death will betray!" I swung, hit him with his magic sword, and he immediately with the horse fell. Here his servants cried: "Behold how good of Ruslana-Hercules gave him his sword. Well let's him again! Then the funeral it is possible to rule!" Have I hit another time. Only his sword touched, as there is with terrible force bounced and my head cut off, and Fire shield. Flaming spear immediately came to life as if nothing had happened. In this time arrived, my dear brother. He grabbed meclazine and put it under my head. Then Fire shield. Flaming spear many times sent his heroes and he came, but nobody has been able to pull the sword kladenets from under the head, no matter how he tried. He is here under me.

On the head of Ruslana finished his story and asked:

- And what is your business drove here, and whither?

Eraslan Lazarevich told us why he went to the Kingdom of Fire shield, Flame up.

- This is commendable, eraslan Lazarevich that you your loved ones in grief-the trouble has not left, was rescued, and now went to the living water for them to get. But I tell you: in vain you go there. You don't know what is this villain Fire shield. Flaming spear. Kind, good in winter ice will not beg. Did he give the living water? And power too you will not achieve anything, because neither the arrow nor spear nor sword won't hire him. He give you ten times will have time to kill while you swing. And here is a better look that I'm going to tell, good and remember, if you will listen, will prevail.

Eraslan Lazarevich listened to all that he was punished Roseneau head, thanked him, and at parting said:

- As soon as you get the living water that will come to you and will gain the head to the body...

Then sat on his Orosa prophetic and hurried into the Kingdom of Fire shield, Flame up. Started to drive to the city. Fire shield, Flame spear saw hero, went out to meet from afar and began to fire arrows to shoot.

- Gates, and it will burn you! - shouted. Eraslan Lazarevich removed his helmet, waved and shouted:

- Came to you not to fight, not turn, and good work!

"Who art thou?" And what do you want? Speak!

- I'm from the glorious Kartashova Kingdom. Call me eraslan Lazarevich. About your power and glory the fame in all the earth is, and I want to see you on the service to do!

Meets Fire shield, Flame spear: - If you are able with my twelve heroes get a sword from under Roseneil head, then take on the service and will not get, expostulate on yourself! For you not to be living!

"Hey, Fire shield. Flaming spear, will cost me and without your heroes! One will manage it, get the sword!

Drove up Fire shield, Flame spear closer and says:

- Go rather, bring the sword then will I have a senior at heroes!

Eraslan Lazarevich turned his horse. When we arrived on the field of battle, the head of Ruslana saw him from afar:

"Well? Vidal Fire shield, Flame copy?

All did as you said. Came for the sword-kladenets.

The head rolled to the side:

- Take, but remember: only hit once!

Eraslan Lazarevich raised his sword, sat on Orosa prophetic and left.

Fire shield. Flaming spear as soon as sentinel informed, went to meet him and asks:

- Took out the sword kladenets?

He raised the sword eraslan Lazarevich, jumped to the Fire shield, Flame up, and - again! - hit him with all my might.

Fire shield. Flaming spear as knocked down fell from his horse.

"Beat him again! - cried the servant of Fire shield, Flame up.

Is not customary in good lads twice a sword to raise. Enough for one times! - shouted in response, eraslan Lazarevich.

Then all twelve heroes Fire shield, Flame copy attacked Ruslana with a cry:

"Beat him! Chop into small pieces, get a sword kladenets and revitalize Fire shield, Flame copy!

Yes, there it was! All of them broke-they fought Ruslan Lazarevich. Then found the coveted well stocked living water. He himself had a little to drink and Irrigate Prophetic gave. And immediately all the fatigue with them vanished. Not be able to leave on the field of battle, as the head of Ruslana immediately saw him and said:

- If returned, must overcome the Fire shield, Flame copy of my foe! And the living water found?

- Brought - meets eraslan Lazarevich, now you will be healthy.

The head rolled to the body, has become the way it should be. Eraslan Lazarevich was Sprycel living water, and the head is stuck to the body. Rose Ruslana, so big and mater - to look scary.

"Well, eraslan Lazarevich, you great my service was rendered, the age will not forget! And, if need be, life for you will not regret it!

- What to talk about it, " said Ruslan Lazarevich. Is your sword-kladenets Yes wise Council could I defeat Fire shield, Flame up, and living water to produce? For now, take it! and gives him the sword.

And Ruslana-hero took his hand and said:

"No, eraslan Lazarevich, my dear brother, the sword you still need.

And the sword-I just hand fell, " said Ruslan Lazarevich, " thank you, kind of Ruslana, called my brother. Well, now we must hurry to the parents.

And I have to get my horse to look for, " said Ruslana-hero.

"I guess, somewhere not far from here is grazing. The faithful horse, only he is able to carry me.

On that heroes and good-bye. Ruslana walked his horse to look for, and eraslan Lazarevich went to the Principality of Daniel White. As soon as he arrived, rushed into the Palace, popescul living water eyes, and at once father and mother and the king Karthaus nobles regained his sight and was so glad that the great happiness even cried a little. King Karthaus in honor of Ruslana Lazarevic got a great feast-stosowanie. On that feast all drank and ate, and praised the heroism and courage of Ruslana Lazarevic.

The feast was operovali. And the hero says to his parents:

- I need to visit Vakhrameeva Kingdom. Bless in the way!

"Well, " said Lazarus Lazarevich, though sorry to leave, Yes, apparently, nothing to do. My mother now, thank God, healthy. Go, if you must!

Soon-soon gathered, equipped, sat on his Orosa prophetic, and only the dust has saviles for good lad.

Rode eraslan long, short and finally got in Vakhrameeva Kingdom.

Drove up to the capital city looking: gates tightly shut. Knocked. The knock echoed the guards:

- Who is that? And what do you want?

- Call me eraslan Lazarevich, and I came to the king Wehrley for good cause.

The gate was opened, and as soon as the hero rode them again tightly closed. He thought: "Why does the city keep on constipation?"

King Makhrama met him tenderly:

- Welcome, my good fellow! Don't know how to call to call?

I Kartashova Kingdom, the son of Prince Lazar Lazarevic, and call me eraslan Lazarevich. Many light traveled in many lands visited, and wanted your state to visit.

"Oh, that's you! said the king Makhrama. Thank about your exploits and heroism, the kind eraslan Lazarevich, in all lands, in all cities. She came to our Kingdom. And I am glad dear visitor, but can not conceal from you that has come upon us great sorrow. Went three-headed sea serpent fly, people to eat. Because we were locked up, but from the winged monsters walls - no protection.

Often, if the sea serpent arrives? asked Ruslan Lazarevich.

Every three days. Today he will come again and someone else will take, " answered the king Makhrama and added: " Come, dear guest, in chambers. You got off the road to eat, drink and relax!

- Thank you! But first I need on the sea shore to visit, and then and get some rest, " said Ruslan Lazarevich.

With these words he left the Palace, jumped on Orosa prophetic and went out of the city on the coast. The horse stopped, blew battle horn once and again. After the third time went to sea big wave, and after that seemed out of the water three-headed sea serpent. All three jaws open, teeth bared, six eyes with anger burn.

Looked snakes on the shore and said:

This time the king Makhrama did not become me to wait, he sent a man for lunch and even horse in the bargain!

"You damned monster, wait ahead of time to brag as if you don't choke! - cried the hero. And only had snakes on the beach to start, as Ruslan jumped, waved his sword-kladenets and once cut off two heads.

Scared of snakes, cried out:

- The mighty hero, curse me to death, do not cut my ostatnie head! In Vakhrameeva Kingdom to fly I never will, and you're a rich ransom ladies. I have a gemstone of great beauty, such a white light could not be found.

- Where is your precious stone?

- I'll get!

With those words rushed snakes into the sea and soon came back, brought and gave the hero a precious stone is incredibly beautiful.

Took eraslan Lazarevich gift straight from his horse he raced across a snake on the back.

Bring to Wehrley the Palace himself and tell him that I will no longer attack people! Anything sea snake was left to do but to obey. And he took the warrior in the capital city, and Orosz following Prophetic ran.

In the city and the Palace began a great commotion when he saw how strange hero arrived on a sea monster. And the king Bahramy, and all the people began to ask, to persuade:

- Ruslan Lazarevich, don't leave the accursed snake alive. As for him, the villain, the tears people shed. Now he's gentle, and when you are away, again, for the old will be accepted. We know him!

Hercules did not contradict, jumped from the snake and cut off his head. At twelve carts brought the citizens of the serpent from the city and buried in a deep ravine. Removed black flags heralding trouble-the misery, and all the people cheered. And Makhrama asked a feast for the whole world. Invited guests from all parishes. Beside him, the most honourable place, put Ruslana Lazarevic began to regale.

- Eat, drink, dear guest! I do not know how to thank you.

At the time of his chambers came out to the guests the beautiful Princess. Looked at her hero and measurement - was lovely Martha Vakhrameeva. "Never seen more beautiful, he thought, - a century at least it looked, admired".

And Marfa Vakhrameeva heart skipped a beat. Ceremoniously, she guests bowed again looked at Ruslana Lazarevic and eyes lowered - good, nice! The bright feast-stosowanie ended. Thanked guests for bread, salt, said goodbye and parted, parted. Then eraslan Lazarevich and carried on the conversation:

- I came to you, the king-Emperor, for good cause, on matchmaking. If you are blessed and Martha Vakhrameeva went for me, so better fate-share I don't need!

- Kind eraslan Lazarevich, if the daughter agree, and I am glad with you to intermarry. Now for you, Martha Vakhrameeva, - he turned to his daughter. "Tell me, dear, do you groom?

Flushed the girl is beautiful, eyes cast down her lashes clear and then said:

- I have done your will, father the king-Emperor! And if you bless it, so I agree.

"That's right! cheerfully king Makhrama. - Ah, the heart, the soul of my son-in-law was found. In a Royal habitation or beer to cook, no wine to smoke - just enough. Soon the wedding was celebrated, the feast was operovali. And became eraslan Lazarevich ever-after with his young wife Marfa Vakhrameeva the father-in-law.

Day after day, week after week - so quietly, almost a year has passed.

Once said Ruslan Lazarevich Martha Vakhrameeva:

- It is necessary to go to visit my parents, and you show her father and mother.

"Oh, glad I radionica to go to your parents to see you not to be separated, why, you see, I cannot now on a long journey to go, and the way there is not close, not easy. Put them in this one, only rather go back. That year the whole family will go. And remember: as you go past Dewyea Kingdom, will be to call you to stay, don't come over. If you find yourself, will enchant you the tsarevna.

"It's okay! Why I Dewyea the Kingdom to come?

Then gave her a gold ring with the gemstone that sea serpent received:

- If the son we will be born, give him when he is in the age to come. And let the day or night ring with this hand does not remove.

Then assembled, filled and went to puttaraju.

Rides eraslan Lazarevich Yes goes. The day passed and another passed. On the third day and saw stretched before him the garden, the eye will not cover. In that garden a magnificent Palace standing, Golden roof in the sun is burning. A window in the Palace of crystal, frames intricate carvings adorned.

Just caught up with the garden, as varisnull someone on a horse out of the gate. Looked eraslan Lazarevich and saw galloping towards him Polenitsa4 daring, sitting on a horse like a glove. The eyes of Polenitsa Falcon, eyebrows black sable, white face, ruddy from under the helmet falls spit Rus to the waist. Spoke - like Rechenka murmured:

Because I love you, my good fellow, out of the window saw. Why go by, we have not wrapped a drink-food, horse feed, to talk?

"Thank you, the tsarevna, a lack of time to me. Food father and mother to visit, " said Ruslan Lazarevich. Himself looks at the village - to tear their eyes away can't.

- What for lack of time! "said the Tsar - maiden. - Do not hurry to go, hurry horse feed, will soon come where necessary.

And smiled like a gentle summer sun warmed.

Immediately forgotten hero about Jenin charge, turned his horse and stirrup to stirrup went with the tsarevna in the beautiful garden.

In Dewyea state beautiful damsels - one better than the other, and a beautiful all by itself the tsarevna, daring the village.

Ruslana Lazarevic immediately hot steam bath to heat. He namisa he has naparima. Became the tsarevna to treat his wines overseas, light honey, all Kosarev on the table instructed. Watered, fed, beginning on the lute to play Yes its soft, delicate voice to sing along. Listening to my good fellow would not I'll listen, looks at the tsarevna will not nagladetsa. Then ran up to the Palace many girls and broach songs to sing and dance led.

In songs, dances and fun year has passed and another passed. And Ruslana Lazarevic think: "Oh, long segestica! An hour came and lived two days." Was was the the tsarevna to thank:

- It's time for me to go!

And she began to talk, tender words to ulimate:

- Light Eraslan Lazarevich! Do not forsake me, don't go, stay!

"No, I need parents to see!

- Time with his father, with his mother to meet! Stay at least a week, comfort me!

Succumbed good fellow to the entreaties Yes to caress. Frisky feet if the place has grown. Remained in Dewyea Kingdom. It seems to him - a week passed, an eighth year running.

Soon after left eraslan Lazarevich, Martha Vakhrameeva gave birth to a son. Gave him the name of Ruslan Ruslanovich. Born eraslan Ruslanovich strong Yes strong from the very first days became so rapidly grow and maturity that in the second year seemed to be a twelve year old teenager. And when he was seven years old, he became a mighty warrior. Was not him in duels throughout the state equal in strength and skill. All were defeated.

One asks Ruslan Ruslanovich the mother:

"Tell me, Madam mother, where is my father eraslan Lazarevich? It was said that he went in Kartashova Kingdom to the grandparents. Never happen to do in the way with him what? Bless, I will go to the priest to find.

Cried Martha Vakhrameeva:

"Well, where will you go, as besides his Kingdom never have been, nothing is seen? The father has left and will not otherwise how did it get in Dewyea Kingdom. Bewitched, enchanted him there, and there is no return. And you will die!

Does not go into this eraslan Ruslanovich, know stands on its own.

- Still going, father of Ruslana Lazarevic would find and bring home.

Sees Martha Vakhrameeva - not to persuade her son, and said:

"Well, if you like, you go, only take this ring and keep it from the hands of day or night.

And put a finger to Ruslana Ruslanovich gold ring with a precious stone, a gift of the sea serpent.

King Makhrama too long discouraged grandson, and finally waved his hand:

- Go!

Soon-soon eraslan Ruslanovich was filled and began to say goodbye. King Bahramy, Martha Vakhrameeva and all of the nurse, mamuski, hay girls went out to see his home. Seen as the horse was going down, but not seen, as rolled. Only the dust has saviles for good lad.

Drove it sooner or later - miles were enormous, and on the third day in the morning stretches before him a huge beautiful garden, and the garden of the Palace with a gilded roof and crystal Windows. "This is Dewyea the Kingdom," thought the young hero. Drove up to the gate and cried with a loud voice:

- Send paedisca, and not the gate will parusu!

Heard the tsarevna and asks:

- Who is at the gate bursts, paedisca requires?

- Came some strange knight who was still apparently young - meets hero that stands guard at the gate.

Come without delay Yes good proce him a boor! ordered the tsarevna.

Hero went out of the gate and shouted:

"Who are you, young boor? The gate is broken Yes, and paedisca require!

When I shall chadema, you know what I am boor! - cried the young rider.

Came, and eraslan Ruslanovich easy blow the first time broke the heroes of the saddle.

- Death to betray you I will not! Go tell the tsarevna: let him send paedisca. Not to face me with those, like you, forces you to stand!

Broken hero came back, told about the mighty knight. The tsarevna went to sleep Ruslana Lazarevic:

- Arise, awake, dear heart friend! Came some strange young hero and requires paedisca. Sorry to Wake you, nothing to do. Because only you and all hope!

Ruslan L. rose, donned his battle armor, straddled Orosa prophetic and left in an open field, in a wide expanse.

Arrived and they are so strongly shibles that horses sat on his hind legs, and heroes neither that nor which does not hurt. Turned the horses, left and once again began to arrive.

"Mind quite a young man, and would not give anyone the power of Yes combat skill, thought eraslan Lazarevich.

When he came the second time, again shibles swords, eraslan Lazarevich hit with such force that poedinok were not kept in the saddle and fell from his horse in cheese land. And Orosz Prophetic immediately stepped on his chest. Looked eraslan Lazarevich on heroes and noticed something flashed the young man on the arm. Looked back, got his ring, and fell to his mind: "I do not if my son?" Asks:

"Tell me what you breed, as you name call, call on a middle name?

"If my horse stepped on your chest, I wouldn't ask to extort you have no family, no tribe, nor the father, nor the mother, and would cut off completely head!

- I do not want your young life to ruin, " said Ruslan Lazarevich. - Just tell me who your parents are and what is your name?

- My mother - Martha Vakhrameeva and father - glorious, mighty hero Ruslan Lazarevich. My name is Ruslan Ruslanovich.

Eraslan Lazarevich immediately with the horse on the ground jumped down, picked up the young knight, hugged him and said:

- That's how we met, my dear son! And how old are you?

"I was seven, and the eighth went. I wanted you to find. And this is what happen to meet.

"How so? thought eraslan Lazarevich. - I stayed in Dewyea Kingdom for one week only with small and my son is now in its eighth year has started. Then he said:

"We'll go soon, dear son, in Vakhrameeva Kingdom.

Jumped on their horses and went home. There were a lot of joy when Martha Vakhrameeva and king Makhrama met heroes. Gave the king Makhrama feast. And when he operovali, he said:

"Listen, eraslan Lazarevich, my dear son-in-law, I have become old, quite overcame me afflictions, and infirmities. Get in line to the throne and rule the Kingdom, and I alone will age to live!

So it is, " answered eraslan Lazarevich, - the world I have NESDIS, with a spear gargominy Yes with sword-kladenets has Natexis and a Kingdom to rule agree. Only feature I care: about father and mother knew nothing. To see the hunt, and of the king's Affairs too busy to go there.

- How to grieve to grieve nothing - Makhrama said, " you have now replaced. Eraslan Ruslanovich I will go in Kartashova Kingdom, the bow will take Yes their guests will be invited.

And here took the throne eraslan Lazarevich, and eraslan Ruslanovich went to Kartashova Kingdom. How much, you never know time has passed, I came back eraslan Ruslanovich home, and with him came and the parents of Ruslana Lazarevic. On joy started a feast for the whole world. I at that feast was, honey and drink beer, 've learned all of that, and told.

1 a Beefy, strong, healthy.

2 the Field - an old Russian measure of length miles; mile in a little over a kilometre.

3 the Cloak - old long and wide cloak

4 Polenitsa - Bogatyri.

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