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In a certain Kingdom, in a certain country there lived a man. Time passed - enrolled him as a soldier; he leaves a wife, was with her to say goodbye and says:

"Look, wife, live a good, good people don't be ridiculous, house not destroy, Hoseini Yes wait for me; maybe it will come back. Here's fifty rubles. The daughter does, the son does bear a still save money before age: will be a daughter to marry - her dowry; and if God the son will give Yes he enters in large year - will to him, the money will help a lot.

Said goodbye to his wife and went on a hike, where it was put. Three months later wife gave birth to two twin boys and named them Ivana - soldier sons.

Send the boys in growth; as wheat dough on the dough, so up and stretch. Hit the kids ten years, gave their mother in science; they soon learned to read and knights and merchants for the belt plugged - no one better than them can neither read nor write, no answer to give.

Knights and merchants the children was jealous and let those twins every day to okolachivat Yes positivity.

Says one brother to another:

- How long do we have to bash Yes pinching? The mother and the us dresses not nachlese, caps not namepedia; whatever you wear, all the comrades in the scraps will sorval! Let's deal with them differently.

And they agreed for each other to stand up for each other not to give. The next day became knights and merchants the children to keep them and they fully stand! as went surrender to give. All went! Immediately resorted guard, tied them up, good Molodtsov, and put him in jail.

Got it to the king; he urged the boys to themselves, questioned about everything and ordered their release.

They said, " not guilty, not the instigators!

Grew two Ivans - soldier children and ask the mother:

Mother, do not stay on our parents any money? If left, give us: we will go to the city to the fair, buy a good horse.

Mother gave them fifty roubles twenty-five brother - and orders:

"Listen, detusche! As you go to the city, give a nod to everyone you meet and cross.

- Well, dear!

Here's brothers went to town, came to the horse, watching the horses a lot, and choose from what is not; it's not a match for them, good fellows!

Says one brother to another:

"Let's go to the other end of the square; lo and behold, now, that the people there are crowds - visible-invisible!

Came back, pushed forward at oak pillars are two stallion, iron chains chained: one six, the other at twelve; break horses with chains, bits bite, dig the ground hooves. No one to come near them did not dare.

- What is your stallions price will be? asks Ivan - soldier, the son of the owner.

Is not thy brother, the nose gets here! Have the goods, but not for you, there is nothing to ask.

"Who knows what you do not know; maybe buy in the teeth show.

The master smiled:

"Look, if the head is not sorry!

Immediately one brother walked up to the stallion that six chains had been bound, and the other brother to the fact that the twelve chains held. Steel was in the teeth to look where? The stallion reared back and snore...

Brothers hit their knees in the chest - the chain broke, stallions five yards bounced on the ground hit.

Then boasted? Yes we these a Mare, and a gift not to take.

People gasps, divulsa: what are the strong men poyavilsya? The owner almost cried: his stallions galloped out of town and go wander around the net field; to get to him, no one is solved, how to catch, no one will come up with.

Have pity on the host Ivana - soldier's children, out in the open field, he cried with a loud voice, valiant whistling - stallions came and stood in place as if rooted; then put them good fellows chains of iron, and brought them to the posts with oak and chained tightly.

Celebrated it and went home.

Go through-on the way, and meet them gray-haired old man; they forgot that her mother was punished, and passed, not bowed, yeah after one has realized:

"Oh, brother, what is it we have done? The old man bows not given; let's catch up her bow. Caught up with the old man took off his hat, bowing at the waist, and say:

"Forgive us, " grandpa, what were not greeted. Us mother severely punished: who b on the path nor met anyone to salute.

"Thank you, good fellows! Where did you go?

- In town for the fair; wanted to buy a good horse there are none that were useful to us.

- How can that be? Nesta to give you the horse?

"Oh, grandpa, if present, will you forever be grateful!

"Well let's go!

Was the old man led them to a large mountain, opens the iron door and displays powerful horses:

Are you and the horses, good fellows! Go with God, keep health!

They thanked him, got on horseback, and rode home.

Came to the yard, tied the horses to the post and went into the house. Beginning the mother to ask:

"What, Petushki, bought the horse?

To buy buy gift received.

- Where do you place them in Delhi?

Near the huts set.

"Oh, Petushki, look - away to anyone!

"No, mother, not takovska horses: not what to take - and to approach them is impossible!

The mother went out and looked on powerful horses, and burst into tears:

"Well, son, that's right, you are not the breadwinners for me. The next day asking the sons of the mother:

- Let us into the city, buy sabelka.

"Go, dear!

They gathered, went to the smithy; come to the master.

- Do - say - us sabelka.

- What to do! Have ready as many take!

"No, brother, we sabers needed, to three hundred pounds weighed.

"Ah, that was invented! Well, who kind of machine to roll over? Yes and the horn of such in the world will not find!

Nothing to do - went good fellows home and head hung. Go through-on the way, and meet them again the same old man comes across.

- Hello, young boys!

"Hello, grandpa!

- Where did you go?

In the city, the forge, wanted to buy sabelka, Yes there are none, so we hand fell.

"That's bad! Nesta to give you sabelka?

"Oh, grandpa, if you will give, will you forever be grateful!

The old man led them to a great mountain, opened the iron door and took two giant swords. They took swords, thanked the old man, and happily, the fun is in their hearts.

Come home, my mother asked me:

"What, Petushki, bought sabelka?

To buy buy gift received.

- Where do you place them in Delhi?

Near the huts set.

"Look, as a man would not be taken away!

"No, mother, not that Onesti, even to take away is impossible.

The mother went out into the yard, looked two heavy swords, warriors attached to the wall, barely hut stands! Burst into tears and says:

"Well, son, that's right, you are not the breadwinners for me!

The next morning Ivana - soldier children saddled their good horses, took their swords heroic, come into the house, with the mother saying goodbye:

Bless us, dear mother, in a way far.

- Be on you, Petushki, my unbreakable parental blessing! Go with God, yourself show, people will see; in vain do no violence, and evil Wareham don't give in.

- Fear not, mother! We have such saying is: food - not suishu, and you find - you will not despise!

Got the good guys on the horses and went. Close Lee, far, long, short - short story is told, not soon to do - they come at a crossroads, and there are two pillars. One post reads: "those Who go right, the king will be" on another post written: "Who is left will go, he will be killed".

Stopped brethren, read labels and think: where is anyone going? If both one way to go - no honor, praise their heroic strength, valiant daring; to go one left anyone to die don't want!

Yes do nothing - says one brother to another:

"Well, brother, I am stronger than you; let me go back to the left, let's see what I can death to happen? And you come to right: maybe God will give the king will become!

Steel, they say goodbye, gave each other the handkerchief and put this Covenant: to go each his own way, on the road posts to put on those posts myself to write for snata for knowledge; every morning to wipe the face bratenam scarf: if death is going to happen; when such trouble to go dead to find. Went good fellows in different directions. Who is the right horse allowed, he reached the glorious Kingdom.

In this Kingdom lived a king and Queen, they had a daughter, Princess Anastasia is Beautiful.

Saw the Tsar Ivan the soldier's son, loved him for his athletic prowess and, without thinking twice, gave him his daughter in marriage, called him Ivan Tsarevich and told him to rule over the entire Kingdom. Lives Ivan Tsarevich in joy, his wife admires, in the realm of conduct Yes animal hunting flourishes.

In some time he began to hunt to gather, on a horse harness overlay, and found in the saddle - two bottle celexa and living water protection; looked at the bubbles and put back into the saddle. "We must, he thinks, is to keep to time; one never knows if necessary."

And his brother Ivan - soldier son that left the road went, day and night rode tirelessly. A month passed, and another, and the third, and he arrived in a strange state right in the capital city. In the state of great sadness: home black cloth covered, people like sleeping around.

Hired himself the thin flat at the poor old woman and began to inquire:

- Tell me, grandma, why is that in your country all the people pipecolic and all the houses in black cloth covered?

"Ah, my good fellow! Great mountain we overcame every day out of the blue sea, grey stone, dvenadtsatiletny snakes and eats the man for a single time, get down to the king... he Has three beautiful Princess; only now taken the eldest on the seashore - the snake to be eaten. Ivan - soldier's son sat on his horse and galloped towards the blue sea, the grey stone; on the shore stands a beautiful Princess on an iron chain tied. She saw the knight, and said to him:

- Get out of here, my good fellow! Soon will come here dvenadtsatiletny snakes; I will disappear, and you will not escape death: will eat you up fierce snakes!

"Don't fear " the fair maiden, perhaps will choke.

Approached Ivan - soldier's son, grabbed the chain a powerful hand and tore it into small pieces, like a rotten rope; after you lay down the red girl on her knees.

"I will sleep, and you see the sea: as soon as the cloud rises, the wind will rustle, the sea will be stirred up - immediately Wake me, young man.

The fair maiden obeyed, was at sea watch.

Suddenly the clouds broke, the wind rustled, the sea of scalehouse from sinya sea snakes out, the mountain rises. The Princess woke Ivan - soldier's son; he stood only on the horse jumped up, and as the serpent flies:

"You, Ivan, why did you come around? Here is my place! Say goodbye now with white light Yes quickly get himself into my throat - you W will be easier!

"Lies, damned dragon! Do not swallow - choke! "Ivan said, drew his sharp sword, swung, hit and cut the serpent all twelve heads; raised stone grey, head laid under a stone, torso into the sea gave up, and he came back home to the old woman, ate-got drunk, went to bed and slept for three days.

At that time, called the king of the water carrier.

"Go, " he said, " on the seashore, gather at least carenini bones.

The water came to the dark blue sea, and saw the Princess alive, anything unharmed, put her on a cart and drove in a thick, dense forest; was brought into the forest and let the knife to sharpen.

"What are you going to do? asked the Princess.

I sharpen a knife, you want to cut!

The Princess cried:

- Don't cut me, I'm no hood not made.

"Tell father that I'm delivered from the serpent, so gracious!

Nothing to do - agreed. Went to the Palace; the king was delighted, and came to the water carrier Colonel. Here's how to Wake up Ivan - soldier's son, called the old woman, gives her money and asks:

- Podi, the grandmother, on the market, Zakupy thing, yeah listen to that between the people say there was anything new?

The old woman ran to the market, bought various supplies, listened to the human hear, came back, and said:

- Goes to the people of this rumor: there was our king a great dinner, sat at the table, the king's sons and messengers, nobles and famous people; at that time came in the box, hardened bolt and dropped poured hall, to the arrow was a letter attached from Another snake dvenadcatiletnego. Writes snakes: if you will send me average Princess, I am your Kingdom fire will burn, the ashes will scatter. Now they take her, the poor, the blue sea, the grey stone.

Ivan - soldier son is now saddled his good horse, sat down, and jumped on the seashore. Says the Princess:

- Why, my good fellow? S'pose you do my turn death to take, hot blood be shed; and to you for that to disappear?

- Fear not, fair maiden!

Only managed to say, flying at him with fierce snake, fire, firing, death threatens.

Hercules struck him with a sharp sword and cut off all twelve heads; heads were put under the stone, torso in the sea threw, and he returned home, ate-drank, and again lay down for three days, three nights. Came again the water carrier, saw that the Princess is alive, put her on the cart, drove into the dense forest and took the knife to sharpen. Asked the Princess:

Why sharpen a knife?

"I sharpen a knife, you want to cut. Pressagny that will say to his father, as I need, so I will have mercy.

The Princess gave him the oath, he brought her to the Palace; the king rejoiced and came to the water carrier General's rank.

Ivan - soldier son woke up on the fourth day, and bade the old woman on the market to go Yes news to hear.

The old woman ran to the market, turned back, and said:

The third serpent appeared, sent to the king a letter, and the letter requires: remove-de lower Princess to be eaten.

Ivan - soldier son saddled his good horse, sat down, and jumped to shiny sea.

On the shore stands a beautiful Princess, an iron chain chained to the stone. Hercules grabbed the chain, shook and tore like a rotten rope; after you lay down the red girl on her knees:

"I will sleep, and you see the sea: as soon as the cloud rises, the wind will rustle, the sea will be stirred up - immediately Wake me, young man.

The Princess of the beginning of the sea to look... Suddenly the clouds broke, the wind rustled, the sea of scalehouse from sinya sea snakes out, the mountain rises. Became the Princess to Wake Ivan - soldier's son, pushed, pushed - no, not waking up; she wept, lacrimal, and he poured a little hot tears on his cheek from the hero woke up, ran to his horse, and a good horse on the floor about a foot under the ground knocked hooves. Flying dvenadtsatiletny snakes, fire, and radiates; looked at the warrior and said,

Good you handsome you are, my good fellow, but not be you alive, eat you, and with your seed!

"Lies, damned dragon, will choke.

They began to beat to death; Ivan - soldier son so quickly and strongly waved his sword, that she were heated red-hot, not in the hands keep it up! He said to the Princess:

- Save me, fair maiden! Take away an expensive handkerchief, wet blue sea wrap and let the sword.

The Princess immediately dipped his handkerchief and gave good man.

He wrapped the sword and started to cut the snake; he cut off his all twelve heads, the heads of those under the stone put, torso into the sea gave up, and he rode home, ate-drank and lay down to sleep on Troy day.

The king sends again the water at the seaside. Came the water, and took the Princess, and took in a great forest, took out his knife and began to sharpen?

"What are you doing? asked the Princess.

- Sharpen a knife, you want to cut! Tell my father that I was a snake won, so I will have mercy.

To the horror of the red maiden, vowed to speak to him. And the younger daughter was the king's favorite; as he saw her alive, anything unharmed, he more than ever rejoiced and wanted the water to bestow - to give him in marriage to a smaller Princess.

Went about hearing throughout the state. Learned Ivan - soldier's son that the king wedding afoot, and went straight to the Palace, and there the feast goes, the guests drink and eat all sorts of games are amused.

The smaller the Princess glanced at Ivan - soldier's son, saw his sword his dear Blankie, jumped up from the table, took him by the hand and said to his father:

- The Tsar-father! That's who has delivered us from the fierce snake, from death in vain; and the water only knew a knife to sharpen Yes to sentence: I de sharpen a knife, you want to cut!

The king was angry, immediately ordered the water carrier to hang up, and the Princess was married to Ivan the soldier's son, and they had great fun. Were young to live happily ever after.

While all this was dealos brother Ivan the soldier's son, Ivan Tsarevich that's what happened. He went once a-hunting, and came across a deer-footed. Prince Ivan struck the horse and started in pursuit of him; raced, raced and drove to a wide meadow. Here deer with eyes disappeared. Looks Prince and thinks, which is now the way forward? Lo and behold - on the meadow brook flows, water two gray duck. He took aim with a gun, shot and killed a couple of ducks; pulled them out of the water, put in a bag and drove on.

Went, went, saw the white stone house, tears from his horse, tied her to a post and went inside. Everywhere is empty - not a single person, only one room of the furnace is heated on the hearth there is a pan on the table, the device is ready: plate, fork, and knife. Ivan Tsarevich took out the bag of ducks, plucking, cleaned, put in a pan and put in oven; roast, put it on the table, cuts and eats.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, is to him the fair maiden is such beauty that no tale to tell, nor pen can write, and speaks to him:

- Bread and salt, Ivan!

- Welcome, fair maiden! Sit down with me to eat.

I could have sat down with you, Yes I'm afraid: you have a magic horse.

"No, fair maiden, not learned! My magic horse left the house, I simple have arrived. When they heard this fair maiden, immediately began to pout, he pursed his lips and made a terrible lioness, opened its mouth and swallowed the Prince entirely. Was it not a simple girl, was the sister of three serpents that beaten Ivan - soldier's son.

Decided Ivan - soldier son about his brother, took his handkerchief from his pocket, was afraid, watching the whole handkerchief in the blood. Much he was miserable:

What the parable! Drove my brother in a good way, where would his king to be, and he received death!

Asked for leave of his wife and father-in-law and went on his powerful horse to find a brother, Ivan Tsarevich. Close whether, how far it soon, shortly arrives at the same state, where his brother lived; questioned about everything and learned that drove de Prince and hunting, and vanished back not visited. Ivan - soldier son the same way I went to hunt; and he comes across the fleet-footed deer Ran hero in pursuit of him. Went on a wide meadow deer with eyes gone; looks - at meadow brook flows, water two ducks swim. Ivan - soldier's son shot ducks, came to the white house and entered the room. Everywhere is empty, only one room of the furnace is heated on the hearth pan stands. He cooked ducks, brought to the yard, sat on the porch, cuts and eats.

Suddenly is to him the fair maiden:

- Bread and salt, good fellow! Why in the yard to eat?

Meet Ivan - soldier's son:

- Yes in the upper room reluctantly, it's fun! Sit down with me, fair maiden!

- I would gladly village, Yes I'm afraid your horse magic.

"There, beautiful! I'm a simple horse came.

She believed him and started to pout, pouted terrible lioness and only wanted to swallow the good fellow, as he resorted to magic horse and grabbed her powerful legs.

Ivan - soldier's son drew his sharp sword and shouted loud voice:

"Stop it, damn! You took my brother Ivan Tsarevich! Throw it back, lest you you chop up into small pieces.

Lioness and threw Ivan Tsarevich: he was dead.

Here Ivan - soldier's son was taken from the saddle two bottle of water celexa and live; have vzbryknuli brother Alexei water - flesh-meat is fused; vzbryknuli living water - the Prince stood up and said:

- Ah, how long I was asleep!

Meet Ivan - soldier's son:

- Age you to sleep, if not I!

Then takes his sword and wants to cut the lioness head; she turned soul-maid, so beautiful and to tell you, the beginning of the tear to cry and beg forgiveness. Looked at her beauty undescribed, have mercy upon Ivan - soldier's son, and put her on free will.

Come brothers in the Palace, made a three-day feast; after said goodbye; Ivan remained in his state, and Ivan - the soldier's son went to his wife and was with her to live in love and harmony.

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