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There lived a king Svetozar. He, the king, had two sons and a beautiful daughter.

For twenty years she lived in the bright mansions; admired her king and Queen, even mamuski and hay girls, but none of the princes and knights had not seen her face, and Princess-beauty called Vasilisa, gold braid; it's from the tower on went free air Princess wasn't breathing.

There were a lot of her outfits colored, and expensive stones, but the Princess was bored: stuffy in her chamber, a burden veil! Her hair is thick, zlatoslava, not covered by anything, in a plait related, wadali to toe; and Princess Vasilisa people began to call: Golden braid, bare beauty.

But the earth is full hearing: many kings have learned and ambassadors sent to the king Svetozara the man to beat, the Princess in marriage to ask.

The king was in no hurry; only the time has come, and he sent messengers into all the earth with a message that will be the Princess of the groom to choose: that kings and princes gathered-was going to him to feast, and went to the tower high to say Vasilisa the Beautiful. Princess at heart fun; looking out the window conastoga, due to lattice gold, garden green, meadow color, she wanted to take a walk; I asked her to let go in the garden with the girls to play.

- The Tsar-father! - she said. I still had not seen the light of God, on the grass, the flowers do not go to your Royal Palace was not looking; permit me to mamuski, with hay girls in the garden to take place.

The king consented, and went Vasilisa the Beautiful high towers on a wide courtyard. Opened five-barred gate, got it on the green meadow before a steep mountain; on the mountain the trees curly, in a meadow adorned with various flowers. The Princess tore the azure flowers; she went a little mamochek is in the young mind the caution was not; her face was revealed, beauty without cover...

Suddenly there arose a great whirlwind, what is not seen, not heard, the old people are not saved; spun, whirled, lo and behold - picked up a whirlwind Princess, she rushed through the air! Nurses screamed, gasped, run, stumble, on all sides of rushing around, but only saw the hue of her whirlwind! And took Vasilis, gold braid, through many lands great, deep river, through three kingdoms in the fourth, in the area of the Fierce Snake. Nurses ran into the house, tears poured, the king in his legs thrown:

- Sir! Innocent in trouble and blame you; do not bid us to execute, command word to say: whirlwind took our sun, Vasilisa the beautiful, Golden scythe, and the unknown - where.

All told, as it was. Grieved the king was angry, and the anger of the poor pardoned.

Here's the next morning the princes and the king's sons in king's house and ran, seeing the sadness, the state Duma, asked him: what has happened?

- Sin on me! "said the king. The whirlwind took my daughter, dear Vasilis, gold braid, and don't know where.

Told how it had happened. Went dialect between migrants and the princes and the king's sons thought peremolvilis, not from them if the king renounces, to give her daughter is not solved? Rushed to the tower Princess is nowhere to be found. The king gave them, each from the Treasury gave; they sat on their horses, he honorably conducted; bright guests bowed, their land was gone.

Two of the young Prince, brothers daring Vasilisa, Golden braids, seeing my father cry mother, began to ask parents:

- Let us you, your Majesty, " father, bless the Empress-mother, your daughter and our sister, look!

- The sons of my dear, dear children, " the king said sadly, " where will you go?

- We will go, father, wherever the path lies where the bird flies aimlessly; maybe we sysem it!

Their king blessed the Queen in the path sent; cried, parted.

Ride two Prince; close if the way, how far is it, how long will the drive, whether short, both don't know. Coming year, they go two, drove the three kingdoms, and cineatsa-are high mountains, between the mountains steppe sandy: the land of the Snake Fierce. And ask the princes counter.

- I do not hear, did not see where the Princess Vasilisa, Golden braid?

And from the counter in response to them:

We didn't know where she is not heard. Giving the answer, go to the side.

Approaching the princes to the great city; standing on the road, who was old and crooked and lame, and with a crutch and with souma, asking alms. Stopped princes tossed him a silver Denga and asked him whether he had not heard anything about the Princess Vasilisa, Golden scythe, uncovered glory?

"Ah, friends! - answered the old man. To know that you are from a foreign land! Our ruler Fierce Snakes banned tightly to interpret with strangers. We fear ordered to speak-to tell, as carried by a city whirlwind Princess beautiful. Here guessed princes close their sister dear; zealous horses ponchaut, come to the Palace. And the Palace of gold and is one pillar on the silver, and the canopy above the Palace semi-precious stones, stairs pearl like wings on both sides diverge-converge.

At that time, Vasilisa the Beautiful looks of sadness in the little window, through the bars of gold, and joy screamed - his brethren away recognized, like heart said, and the Princess quietly sent to meet them, in the Palace of conduct. And the Serpent Dire in the absence was. Vasilisa the Beautiful bergasa-bogalusa, so he won't see them.

Only they come in, groaned pole silver, rashodilsja stairs, flashed all crovelli, the whole Palace began to turn, the places to move. The Princess was frightened and brothers says:

Serpent flies! The serpent flies! That is why the Palace around turns. Hide, brothers!

Only said, as Fierce Snakes flew, and he cried with a loud voice, he whistled a valiant whistling:

"Who are you living man?

We, Fierce Snakes! not quailing, said the princes. - From his native land for sister came.

"Oh, it's you, well done! cried Snakes, wings flapping. - Would you need from me to disappear, here sisters to look; you're her family, heroes, Yes small!

And Snakes caught on the wing of one, hit them in the other, and whistled, and shouted. To him resorted the Palace guard, picked up the dead princes, threw both into a deep ditch.

Burst into Princess tears, Vasilisa, spit gold, no food and no water were taken, the light would look not wanted; days two and three passes - her not to die be die not relelase - sorry for the beauty, hunger listened, for the third meal. And she is thinking about something, as if from a Snake to get rid of, and began to give affection.

- Snakes Fierce! - she said. Great is thy power, thy mighty flight, do you suprotivniki not?

- It is not yet time, " said the dragon, " on the genus of my written, that will be me suprotivniki Ivan the Pea, and he was born from the pea.

Snakes jokingly said, suprotivniki was not expecting. Hopes of a strong force, and the joke is on the truth. Longed mother Vasilisa the beautiful, there's no news about children; Princess princes disappeared. Now she went one day to roam in the garden with baranami. The day was sultry, to drink the Queen wanted. In that garden of the hill ran a stream of spring water, and above it was a well of white marble. Scooping up the gold bucket of water as pure as a tear, the Queen to drink hurried and suddenly swallowed with water a pea. Swelled the pea, and the Queen tegelasega: pea grows Yes is growing, and the Queen of all tacit Yes oppressed. It took some time - she bare a son; gave him the name of Ivan the Pea, and it grows not by years, but by the hour, so silky, tidy! Looks, grins, jumps, POPs up, Yes in the sand he's riding, and keep it in force, so that ten years was a mighty warrior. He began to ask the king and Queen, how many did he have brothers and sisters, and learned how it was that sister whirlwind took off somewhere. Two brothers took time off to find her sister and went missing.

- Father, mother, " asked Ivan the Pea, and let me go; brothers and sister look bless.

"What are you, my child! in one voice said to the king and Queen. "You still telephonic-molodecholes; your brothers have gone Yes gone, and you'll go missing.

- Maybe not lost! - said Ivan Peas. And brothers and sisters want to find.

Pleaded and begged the son of the beloved king and Queen, but he asks, splace will pray; in the way outfitted with tears released.

Here Ivan the Pea in the wild, out in the open field; he goes a day goes another night in the forest dark slides. In the forest including the hut on chicken legs from the wind is unsteady, she flips. Old parable, mommy's legend.

Hut, hut, " said Ivan, blowing it to become the forest, in front of me!

And now turned to Ivan hut, looking out the window, the gray-haired old lady and says:

- Who God is?

Ivan bowed, was in a hurry to ask:

- 't know whether, grandmother, swirl stray? What he side carries red girls?

- Oh, well done! - the old woman answered, clearing my throat, looking at Ivan. - I, too, was intimidated by the vortex, so that a hundred and twenty years I house sit, nowhere to go: is not going to fly Yes umchit; it's not a whirlwind, Snakes and Fierce!

- How would get to him? - asked Ivan.

- You're my light. Snakes will eat you!

- Maybe not swallow!

"Look, the hero, the head does not save; and if he comes back, let the word of the serpent wards to bring water, whereby uselessness - will look younger! she replied, through the power of moving his lips.

- Obtain - will bring grandma! The word give.

- Believe in your conscience. Go right where the sun rolls; a year later comes to Fox mountain, ask there, where the road in the snake Kingdom.

"Thank you, grandma!

- Nothing, sir!

Here Ivan the Pea went to the side, where the sun rolls. Soon the story is told, not soon to do. He walked three States, came to the snake Kingdom.

Before the city gates and he saw a beggar lame, blind old man with a crutch and giving alms, asked him, whether in the city Princess, Vasilisa young, spit gold.

- Is there not Vedeno be told, " answered the beggar.

Ivan realized that his sister there. Good fellow dared privatisa and chambers went. At that time, Vasilisa the beautiful, Golden scythe, looking out the window, not flying if Fierce Snakes, and noticed from afar hero young to know about it wished, quietly scout sent: where he lands, from which he kind of, not from the priest if sent, not from mother eh darling?

Hearing that, came Ivan, the youngest brother (and the Princess and his face is not seen), Vasilisa ran up to him, met brother with tears.

- Run as soon as possible, " he cried, " run, brother! Soon the Serpent will see will kill!

- Sister kind! - answered Ivan. - You would not say that I would listen to. Not afraid I am the Serpent and all his strength.

"Can you - Peas, " said Vasilisa, spit gold, to cope with them?

"Wait, friend, sister, first pour me; I was walking under the heat, pristal I from the road, so thirsty!

"What are you drinking, brother?

- Bucket of honey sweet, sister dear!

Vasilisa, spit gold, was told to bring a bucket of honey sweet, and Peas drank a bucket at a time, one spirit; asked them to pour more.

The Princess was in a hurry to order, and I looked-I wondered.

"Well, brother, " he said, " I didn't know, I now believe that you Ivan the Pea.

- So let's sit down, relax a bit from the road. Vasilisa ordered the chair a strong move up, but the chair under Ivan breaks in pieces scatter; brought another chair, the whole iron-bound, and the cracked and bent.

"Ah, brother, ' cried the Princess, who is the chair of the Serpent Fierce.

"Well, you see, I potagere, " said Peas, grinning, stood up and went to the street, from the chambers into the forge. And there he ordered the old sage, the court blacksmith, forge iron rod at five hundred pounds. The Smiths got down to work-began, forge iron, day and night, thundering hammers, only the sparks fly; forty hours was a stick ready. Fifty people are barely pulling, and Ivan the Pea took one hand and threw the stick up. The staff flew as the storm thundered above the clouds billowed up, kind of disappeared. All the people running away, shaking from fear, wondering when the staff of the city will fall, the walls will prohibit, people passing, and will fall into the sea - the sea will ruthlessdet, the city will be flooded. But Ivan the Pea quietly in the chamber went, but only to say ordered, when the stick back will fly. Ran from the square people watching from under the gate, looking out of the Windows: not flying if staff? Waiting for an hour, waiting for the other, on the third trembled, tell ran that stick flies.

Then Peas jumped on the square, hand framed, picked up on the fly, not bent, and that the staff on hand was bent. Ivan staff took on the knee corrected, straightened and went into the Palace.

Suddenly, he heard a terrible whistle - racing Snakes Fierce; his horse, the whirlwind, the arrow flies, the flame radiates; with mind Snakes - hero, and the head of the snake. When he flies, ten miles the entire Palace will begin to turn around from place to place to move, and then the Serpent sees the Palace't moving. You can see that the rider is!

The serpent said, whistled, sagarmal; conveyor shook chernow mane, rosmanol broad wings, soared, rustled; the Serpent flies to the Palace, but the Palace is not moving.

- Wow! - roared Fierce Snakes. Apparently, there are suprotivniki. Not Peas do me? Soon came the hero. I'll put you on the palm of one hand, murder left the bones will not find.

- See here, " said Ivan the Pea.

And the Serpent with vortex cries:

- Rachodes, Peas, not easy!

- Fierce Snakes, razyezjaya! Ivan answered, his staff raised.

The serpent flew to hit Ivan, usednot on spear - missed; Peas bounced - not satula.

"Now I have you! he rustled the Peas, put staff into a Serpent, and so intimidated that Snake in pieces broke, scattered, and stick the ground broke, went through two in the third Kingdom.

People hats threw up, Ivan king was called.

But Ivan here, Primate Smith-sage, a reward that the staff soon worked, the old man beckoned and people said:

- Here's a head! Listen to good feeling as before for evil listened to you Fierce Snake. Ivan got alive and dead water, Sprycel brothers; rose fellows, rubbing his eyes, think:

- How long we slept; God knows what is become of him!

Without me and the age would you slept, brothers dear, dear friends, " said Ivan Peas, clutching ratioa heart.

He did not forget to take water snake; the ship was outfitted and on the Swan river with Vasilisa the beautiful, Golden scythe, swam in our own land through three kingdoms in the fourth; not forgotten and old woman in the hut, gave her a wash water snake: she turned melodica, sang-danced, Peas fled, in the path followed. Mother and father Ivan was met with joy, with honor; messengers were sent in all of the earth with the news that returned their native daughter, Vasilisa, spit gold. In the city ringing, ears ringing, pipe humming, diamonds knock, samopal rattle. Vasilisa the groom waited, and the Prince bride was found.

Four crown had booked two weddings feasted on the fun to celebrate the feast, honey river!

Grandfathers grandfathers were there, honey drink, and have survived, would flow through moustache, mouth, missed, only became aware that John on the death of his father took the Royal crown, rules with the glory of the sovereign, and in generations was famous for the name of the king of Peas.

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